Digimon Adventure Episode 5
Dub Name: Kabuterimon's Electro Shocker
Japanese Name: Electric Light! Kabuterimon

The digidestined are tired of walking again. Izzy is still trying to power up his laptop. Tai sees smoke on the horizon and goes to check it out. Tai calls the others to see a factory nearby. They enter the factory and start to walk around it. The machines there are creating and taking apart meaningless other machines. They split up into two groups: Tai, Sora and Joe and Izzy, Matt, TK and Mimi. Biyomon hears something. They find Andromon collapsed on the floor with a large machine on him. Sora and the others manage to free Andromon but a black gear enters his leg. Andromon rises and lifts Sora off the ground by her leg. Biyomon hits him with her Spiral Twister attack, causing him to drop Sora and allow them some time to escape. Agumon then blasts the roof above Andromon, causing it to crash down on him.

Izzy and his team open up the door to the power supply. Izzy and Tentomon enter and find a program on the walls. Izzy accidentally erases a part of the program and all the lights and power go off in the factory. Izzy takes a marker and redraws the part he erased, causing the power to be restored. He next tries to crack the program code on his laptop. He is briefly distracted by a conversation his parents had about him years ago and a secret that they have to tell him. When the flashback ends his digivice activates. On his laptop is now a map of the island. Tentomon starts to get really hot and smokes. Izzy shuts off his laptop, allowing Tentomon to return to normal. At the same time his digivice goes out.

Andromon is now up again and chased Tai, Sora and Joe onto a bridge. Tai uses a crane to pull Andromon off the ground and into the air. Izzy returns to Matt and the others. Tai arrives with Andromon soon following. Andromon fires two missiles, the first headed towards TK. Gabumon digivolves and destroys one of the missiles. The other one is headed towards Tai causing Agumon to digivolve. Greymon destroys the second missile and now along with Garurumon is facing off against Andromon. Andromon is easily beating up on Greymon and Garurumon. Tentomon tells Izzy to enter the program he was working on before because it is the secret to his digivolving. Izzy does so and Tentomon digivolves to Kabuterimon. Izzy then uses his laptop to find that Andromon’s power is coming from his right leg. Kabuterimon uses his Electro Shocker attack on it, revealing and destroying the black gear. Andromon returns to his normal self and tells the digidestined to follow the underground waterway and sewers to continue on their journey.

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