Digimon Adventure Episode 4
Dub Name: Biyomon Get's Firepower
Japanese Name: Incandescent Birdramon

Sora notices a flying gear in the sky. The digidestined are meanwhile going through The Forest of Irrelevant Road Signs. Out of the forest they pass through a desert of telephone poles. They see the gear again, this time fly to a mountain. The desert is making them dry and thirsty and they fear they will dehydrate soon. Tai uses his spy glass to see a ship in the desert but also a water source and a village. On top of the mountain the gear embeds itself into Meramon. The digidestined arrive at a village filled with Yokomon. The Yokomon ask how Biyomon digivolved and she tells them she did it to protect Sora. TK finds a water fountain. The Yokomon tell them that the source of the water is the mountain, which is actually a volcano. The heat from the volcano boils away all of the germs. Tai goes to get a drink when fire comes out of the fountain. They go to the nearby lake and find that all the water has been boiled away. They figure out that the gear crashing into the mountain must have disrupted the water supply. Tai uses his spy glass to see Meramon come down the mountain towards them, complaining of the heat.

They all run away from Meramon and back into the desert. The digidestined lead the Yokomon into the hull of the abandoned ship. Sora looks and sees that Biyomon isnít with them. Instead she is helping the last of the Yokomon escape. The Yokomon do so but it is too late for Biyomon as Meramon has caught up to her. Meramon pushes Biyomon off of a cliff and into Soraís waiting arms. With Sora there she is now in danger. Biyomon flies to fight Meramon to protect Sora. Meramon uses a fireball to knock Biyomon down again. Tai and the others go to help but their attacks only make Meramon bigger. Biyomon digivolves to Birdramon to help her friends. Birdramon picks up Meramon and throws him. Meramon attacks with a fireball. Birdramon uses her Meteor Wing attack to knock the black gear out of Meramon, destroying the gear and reverting Meramon to regular size.

Meramon, no longer controlled by the gear, apologizes. The last thing he says he remembers was being hit by the gear. He leaves and promises to protect the Yokomon village in the future. The Yokomon give dinner to the digidestined, of whom Joe and Sora donít like their food!
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