Digimon Adventure Episode 3
Dub Name: Garurumon
Japanese Name: Blue Wolf! Garurumon

They have so far searched the island and found nothing so far. Agumon tells Tai that he canít stay as strong as Greymon for too long because he needs rest. Two Monochromon appear before them. They are mad at each
other and fight each other while the digidestined run away. In the middle of a forest they start to get tired of
walking. Night starts to settle in. Tentomon sees a lake which would make a perfect campsite. In the middle of the lake on an island is a trolley car where they decide to sleep that night but first they must collect food and eat. They collect fruits and fish, which Matt teaches them how to cook. Everyone is now really tired and Matt and Tai get into a fight. After the fight it is decided that Tai will stand guard followed by Matt, Izzy and finally Joe.

While the others are asleep in the trolley car Tai and Agumon are on guard. They see Matt, who apologizes for earlier. Matt tells them that he and TK rarely see each other since their parents are divorced. Matt starts to play his harmonica while Tai tends to the fire. An ember from the fire lands on the tail of a digimon that is hiding under the island. The digimon is Seadramon and the trolley car is attached to his tail. Seadramon swims with the trolley car behind him and connected to him. Matt and Gabumon jump into the lake and swim towards it, trying to rescue TK. The rookies attack Seadramon and Agumon tries to digivolve but cannot. TK falls into the water and Matt provides a diversion so that Seadramon goes after him. Seadramon captures Matt in his tail and drags him under water. Mattís digivice glows causing Gabumon to digivolve to Garurumon. He frees Matt and bites Seadramon. Seadramon attacks and freezes Garurumon. Garurumon soon breaks free and attacks with his Howling Blaster attack, defeating Seadramon.

Garurumon then becomes Gabumon again. Gomamonís fishes return the island and the trolley to the mainland. Tai figures out that when the digidestined are in trouble their personal digimon are given the strength to digivolve. They soon all fall asleep on the shore.
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