Digimon Adventure Episode 1
Dub Name: And So It Begins
Japanese Name: Adrift? Island of Adventure

The series opens with us meeting Tai, who is narrating to us about it snowing in the middle of July. They
are at camp and the other members of the camp are Sora, Matt, Izzy, Mimi, Mattís brother TK and Joe. A
blizzard has hit and they are going outside into the snow. While outside they see a light in the sky, kind of like an aurora. Beams of light come down towards each of them. In the snow in front of them they find a small digital device. A giant blue wave then comes along and sucks them all in. Tai wakes up to find someone on his chest. That someone is Koromon, who tells him that they are partners and friends. Tai looks around and sees that he is in a different world or at least a different part of the world since there is no longer snow. Izzy then comes, along with his partner, Motimon. Izzy says the device they were given lets them control the life forms that are before them. Koromon and Motimon tell them that they are in the digital world.

Tai climbs a tree to get a better view and spies Kuwagamon flying towards them. Tai, Izzy and their partners run off to hide inside of a tree. They soon hear Soraís voice telling them it is all clear. With her is her partner, Yokomon. TK and his partner, Tokomon soon followed by Matt and Tsunomon. Joe runs in chased by Bukamon. Their partners tell them that they are Digimon, Digital Monsters. They soon hear Mimi scream because she and Tanemon are now being chased by Kuwagamon. Kuwagamon is soon chasing after all of them. They run but find themselves at the edge of a cliff, cornered. Tai says they canít run any more, they have to turn and fight. Their in-training digimon all attack Kuwagamon at once, causing him to fall backwards into a tree. All the digimon are hurt from the battle when Kuwagamon gets back up and comes after them on foot. Koromon and the other digimon want to fight but the kids donít want them too. The digimon go in for the battle, causing their digidestinedís digivices to glow. Light comes from the sky allowing the digimon to digivolve to their rookie forms: Agumon, Gabumon, Biyomon, Tentomon, Patamon, Gomamon and Palmon. The rookies all attack Kuwagamon at once, setting him on fire and causing him to run away. They start to celebrate their victory when Kuwagamon comes back, causing the cliff to break and them to fall.
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