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Nanimon is an invader digimon. I'd tell him what I really think of his sunglasses, but his Power Punch would flatten me - Demidevimon
These sewer dwelling Numemon were like totally hygiene deficient they love throwing Nume Sludge at you and have bad breath too - Mimi
Ogremon you are truely the most evil of the bad digimon there is no limit to your ruthlesness - Leomon

And i've heard of the other digimon they're called Otamamon - Agumon

hmm Pagumon there's more to them than meets the eye - Tentomon
Why of course! That's Parrotmon. He was the mysterious digimon that appeared in Highton View Terrace approximately four years ago. Now he's completely digivolved. - Izzy
I'm Phantomon. You don't want to be near me or my friends when I start to swing my Shadow Scythe -Phantomon
Ah it's Piedmon he's a mega Phantom digimon of the worst kind you never know what he'll look like next -Chuumon
Piximon is famous in the Digital World for his skills and training but few have ever met him his secret home is the training ground for all the great digimon fighters - Biyomon
Porkymon with Super strong Oink attack and the power to er oink -TK (when he thought what Patamon could evolve into)
Poyomon is a jelly fish type digimon of few words but if his friends are in trouble he's ready for action - Tentomon
Well Pumpkinmon you're the right guy to teach them what fun really is you are with but a doubt the most rocking creature with a pumpkin for a head remember chicks dig evil digimon -Gotsumon
He's also a mega digimon Puppetmon has a controlling personality and a rotten temper get him mad and he'll bop you with his hammer -Izzy
Raremon smells like rotting fish, looks like the inside of a trash can and is someone you never want to meet inside of a very dark alley - Tentomon
Redvegiemon have extremly volitile tempers that's why their faces are always red not exactly the friendly type - Izzy
Saberleomon may have a heart of gold but he'll crush his opponants with his claws of steel -Gomamon
Don't you recognize me I was Gatomon what do I have to do cough up a fur ball -Salamon - this is Salamon the rookie form of Gatomon isn't she cute much more cuddlier than her Ultimate form of Angewomon -Kari
It's Scorpiomon, one of Metalseadramon's flunkies. Between his pincers and his tail, it's hard to know which end of his is worse - Patamon
-No actual data said during his analyser screen-
Attacked by two digital monsters in the same day! And doesn't Shellmon know I'm allergic to shellfish? - Joe
Shogumon (shogungekomon) finally restored to us after many centuries - Gekomon
Skullgreymon! The sight of him makes other digimon tremble! He is a fully digivolved digimon whose explosive nature causes him to constantly search for battle - Tentomon
He's Skullmeramon his element is fire he's tough and can sure dish it out - Agumon
Snimon a deadly praying mantis digimon which is so appropriate since your about to become his prey -Phantomon
Hey Sukamon and his mouse friend are alwasys together cause they share the same teeny tiny brain - Palmon
Don't worry Tanemon's here to protect you - Tanemon
Tankmon an armour plated bully with a sneeze like a cannon if you think the other guys are bad these creeps have more fire power than a volcano. -Agumon
Hello I'm Tokomon - Tokomon
Tsunomon's my name and i am quite pleased to meet you - Tsunomon
Say hello to Tuskmon avoiding his horns is no easy tusk huh huh sorry -Phantomon
Tyranomon a huge digimon with fire breath strong enough to cook a couple o' boys like you - Piximon
That's not your everyday flying horse Joe that's Unimon he's a wise old digimon i never knew he lived in these mountains - Gomamon
Vademon was living proof you should stay away from digimon with unusually large heads that big brain of his was scrambled if you ask me - Tentomon
Meet Vegiemon the menical manager of a run down cafe he puts a new spin on the term slave driver - Joe
(Venommyotismon) Hmm I thought he was fully evolved but he found someway of digivolving to a higher level some kind of Mega Ultimate level -Izzy
Digidestined, meet the Vilemon. Their Nightmare Shock will give you a rude awakening!-Piedmon
It's Wargreymon it says here his attack is Terror Force gathering the energy around him and focusing it in the palm of his hand -Izzy
Wargreymon is a Dramon destroyer. The weapons on his arms are the key and especially effective on Dramon type digimon hense the name Dramon destroyer -Izzy
Monzaemon was sweet and cute, but Warumonzaemon is about as cuddly as a porcupine His Bear Claw will give you heartburn, along with his Heartbreak Attack -Biyomon
Weregarurumon ultimate form of Gabumon he's a really fierce warrior with claws, strong kicks and jumps. He's extreme but egg head and his little buddy leave him no choice -Matt
Whamon is a giant digimon and lives in the oceans of the Digital World his jet arrows are unbelieve able - Tentomon
Get away from me you pile of woodmon i know your trick you pretend to be tree's and absorb the energy from unexpecting digimon as they pass by. -Ogremon
Tai, Izzy meet Yokomon - Sora
Don't worry he's one of ours that's Zudomon the fully digivolved version of Ikkakumon I was wondering when he'd finally show up -Patamon
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