Battle 24 A Fight Against the Future!
The effects of the data separation have been stopped thanks to Marine Angemon using his Ocean Love. ZDGarurumon and VictoryGreymon attack with Full Metal Blaze (god i nearly wrote Fullmetal Alchemist!) and Dramon Breaker. They manage to damage NEO. When they go to attack again NEO glares stopping them sending them crashing into each other. Tsurugi states NEO is not invincible. Ami says that NEO cannot ignore them as they are living. Tsurugi and Yuu state that they will not give up for the sake of their promise with the Digimon. NEO thinks Hope and Promises are foolish. He then tells the being (Marine Angemon) to stop interfering and zaps him. NEO then proceeds to think that one of the eight memories turned against him but that isn't enough to seal his power. He tells them that the future is inevitable and irreversible they cannot stop the flow of time. Tsurugi says that even if they can't stop it they should be able to change it. NEO replies that he will destroy them with their hopes and promises and goes to use Judgement.

His left arm however will not listen to him, then something comes out of it - a projection of Andromon. He tells them that he set a virus in the Machine Digimemory it refects the owner's will. He also tells them that their future lies with their Digimon. Piccolomon then appears with a NurseGuardromon and has the Holy Memory help out. AtlurKabuterimon also appears to the left of NEO and grunts. Norun notices even though the Digimon who have lost their lives they will still stand up for them. Peckmon stands and commands Bird. Tsurugi and Yuu then with Dragon and Beast. NEO then uses the power of Dark Digimemory to send a fireball at them and states their bonds with the "Arbitrators" shall burn in hell. Barbamon's will (aka the fireball) aims straight for Tsurugi and Yuu. It is stopped by 2 attacks - Juumonjigiri (Cross Slash) and Excalibur.

Commander Zanbamon is still alive (wtf) and the other is Holy Angemon. who states he came to realise that during the battle this would not be the future Chibimon wanted. Shou realises that he was Murmuxmon. Norun smiles that when Barbamon died Murmux was released from the control of Darkness (even though he appeared to die...whatever). Zanbamon says he's helping because he won't accept a future without the Warrior Code. The rest of the ex-commandments then come into help including Nanomon. Some commandments are trying to get Chaosdramon up (he's alive as well just still malfunctioning). Sunflowmon, Raramon + Meramon say they will fight. The Patamon state they will help. Then we have one heck of a double page with just a ton of Digimon (my fave on this page being Wizarmon holding Tailmon in his arms <3 on the fan service).

Tsurugi calls to NEO to look at them all that this is life and everyone desires to be alive and happy. NEO replies how can they live in a world without Yggdrasil. Norun tells him she is Yggdrasil and that the body Yggdrasil was taken over by Barbamon and became her shadow. She states if she is destroyed then her shadow would die as well so Barbamon didn't kill her but chained her. Now that he is gone the chains can no longer bind her. She then breaks the chains with her hands and changes into a Yggdrail in a girl form still. NEO states this is funny that everyone wants a new world but yet they refuse it. Zanbamon says they realised their mistakes and they want to redo things to move on. NEO tells them that it is too late to redo things and to look to the sky. They all look up and see the Light District of the real world. Piccolomon is worried. The wavering boundry between the the worlds has reached it's limit and at the rate it's going the 2 worlds with come together and both fall apart. NEO knows that the flow of time has no reset button. Tsurugi orders VictoryGreymon and ZDGarurumon to stop NEO. He just says this is the end and uses Zero Genesis and disappears. Norun tells them that Time and Space has been separated - the Universe has been destroyed ahd that NEO's new Universe is beginning. The future of Tsurugi and the others future is now in doubt.
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