Battle 23 NEO

There are kids around the Battle Terminal along with Tooru, Ami's brother and Yuu's dad. They see Barbamon come on screen and NEO. NEO has been born with Barbamon's data and the Darkness Digimemory. In the translation it states NEO is made of the following:
Holy became his hair, Water his antennae (as well Pichimon for his head), Insect as his thorns (shoulder area/mask around his face), Machine as his left arm, Bird for his winds, Darkness his body. NEO knows he has only 2 to get. Norun tries to talk to him stating she is Yggdrasil and asks him to return to the Digimemories. NEO ignores her and sees the 2 Digimon. He shoots at ZD Garurumon and takes his Memory in 1 shot! This gives him Beast legs. Tsurugi states NEO is their enemy. Norun says it isn't as simple as that. NEO existance surpasses evolution he can't be compared on the same lines as other Digimon which is the confirmation that NEO isn't a Digimon. NEO goes after VictoryGreymon who uses his Victory Charge but NEO breaks straight though and takes the Dragon Digimemory to give him a right arm. Norun tells them that NEO is an existance greater than Yggdrail NEO is a high-powered computer, but can't be analysed. NEO is the future itself.

NEO is complete and he starts to change the Digital World into 0's and 1's. NEO states he is the future desired by the Digimon and Humans, the complete future so he is the new world. Shou is now awake, Shou believed the world had to be recreated to save Norun from sadness but this result everything will be destroyed both Humans and Digimon only NEO will remain. Tsurugi knows that this future life would not exist and that is it true the fights would not occur same with the tragedies of Aato Digimon. But the future is supposed to be bright and guided by hope. By his talking Norun noticed the Muu symbol brightness return. Tsurugi and Yuu both know that they cannot lose their bonds with their Digisoul even though they have lost the memories. They are friends!

Ami is suprised that the duo survived even though they lost their Digimemories, the Digisoul is a power that she isn't fully aware! ZDGarurumon accepts Yuu and he goes into attack form and VictoryGreymon into combat form. ZDGarurumon uses ZD Cannon and VictoryGreymon uses Trident Gaia against NEO but he splits it into 0's and 1's before they even get near. While NEO's "judgement technique" is in play they can't get close. Yuu notices that NEO hasn't looked at them since the start and wondered if he has no consciousness he is just destroying the world and the Digimon cries are not reaching him at all.

Ami turns up and Tsurugi hugs her. Ami calls NEO Pichimon, Tsurugi tells her that it's NEO not Pichimon. Ami tells them that NEO is Pichimon and that NEO took Pichimon whole along with the Water Digimemory. Ami runs close to NEO and cries asking him to stop the destruction. No matter what he has become they are still partners, remember the time they spent together, their bonds won't disappear. She pleads with him to go back her and him together to a place of happiness! This sets off her Digisoul which connects with NEO. NEO is currently stopped and that Pichimon consciousness is still alive after the Digimemory was taken and he is restraining NEO. Yuu says Pichimon should not have that kind of power as he is just a Baby Level. Tsurugi states it is because it tooks Ami's Digisoul and evolve into Marine Angemon! Marine Angemon is seen above NEO smiling as normal. Ami asks Marine Angemon to stop NEO. The Judgement effect has been stopped. Tsurugi staes their hopes have not disappeared and together they will protect the Digital World - they can still fight. Now to start the counterattack!
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