Battle 22 The Demon Lord Barbamon

Norun has given Tsurugi and Yuu the twins allowing their Digimon to evolve to Ultimate. Tsurugi feels a difference in VictoryGreymon, their hearts are not connected. Shou is out cold. Yuu recognises Norun, then Tsurugi remembers. The System World begins to change to it's true form (aka back to normal). However sat on top of it all is Barbamon. The 2 boys ask their Digimon to attack but they don't. Barbamon tells them it is because the 2 are arbitrators and their existance is close to that of a god and they will not obey humans. Norun explains that Yggdrail made them for the time he would become corrupt as normal Digimon would not be able to do anything. Tsurugi states Barbamon is the enemy not Yggdrail. Barbamon tells them that Yggdrasil was never sure about the Digimon and human partnership so it tooks it's own conscious and turned it into the form of a girl and sent her to the human world to see what Digimon were to humans. That girl is Norun.

While Norun was in the human world Barbamon invaded the System World and went to Yggdrasil. After interogating him Barbamon came to the conclusion that the Digital World needed to be changed as Yggdrail's heart was pained by the Aato Digimon approved Barbamon to carry out the change and so they merged. Barbamon is Yggdrail. Barbamon summons the lowest layer of the Dark area. Barbamon then takes the Bird Digimemory from Peckmon (who is still alive). Barbamon states that only two remain. Tsurugi tries to bond with VictoryGreymon but Norun tells him that his Digisoul is currently anger and rage and the arbitrators won't respond to it. She tells him to remember the promise he made with her.

Barbamon tells him to leave himself to the anger and hate. Tsurugi tells him that he isn't fighting for their anger and hate, Barbamon is trying to kill their comrades, family and friends. The partners that live with them, Barbamon would never understand because he just throws lives away, their fight is to protect the Digital World and their friends. Barbamon states that the lives of Digimon are trash in the face of his revolution. Tsurugi tells him that he is not Yggdrail and the true Yggdrail is Norun. Barbamon tells him that he just released a part of Yggdrail but he is Yggdrail and Tsurugi will not be forgiven. Barbamon goes attack but is stopped by VictoryGreymon. Norun tells him that the arbitrator has accepted him as a hero of the Digisoul.

VictoryGreymon uses his Dramon Breaker and slices through Barbamon. They think it's all over but a figure is seen. Yuu states it's Pichimon. Norun says no. Barbamon says he may have been defeated but his revolution is unstoppable. He sacrifices his data and the Dark Area energy as well as the Dark Digimemory and gives it to NEO.

Barbamon states the Creator of the Digital World awaken - it's name is NEO. NEO has been born though is not complete.
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