Battle 21 Paired Devices Digimon Twin!

Shou has used Burst Charge to have Peckmon evolve to Ravenmon. Murmuxmon states it is a double edged sword as it burns through the Tamers life. Shou stated he wished for a miracle. Murmuxmon attacks with Gehenna Flame. Next we see a Chibimon wandering looking exhausted. An Holy Angemon finds him and takes him to the System World, the Host Computer Yggdrasil. (looking VERY different). The Chibimon's Tamer abandoned him. The Chibimon awakens Holy Angemon explains to him where he is and that he is the Guardian of Yggdrasil. Murmuxmon is shocked that he is seeing a vision from his past. Murmux asks Shou why is a human risking his life to save the Digital World. Shou replies because he likes it. Murmux has another memory flash, the Chibimon is once again sick. The Aato Digimon need a Tamers love as their specific nutrient. The Chibimon hands Holy Angemon a present which is a broach.. The Chibimon thanks Holy Angemon for what he has done he then dies. Holy Angemon is upset that he couldn't save him and wonders if these misfortunes must continue. Barbamon turns up and states they will end it. Barbamon then uses the anger, sadness and despair of Holy Angemon to turn him into a comrade of Murmuxmon.

Murmuxmon states he won't let the Chibimon tragedy be repeated. Shou states he was the same fighting for the Aato Digimon because that was his promise to Norun. But he realised that he was actually afraid of getting hurt and hurt Norun. He asks Murmuxmon if Chibimon would have desired the killing. Ravenmon's wings are like blades and he uses Blast Wing. This cuts him and smashes this broach that he always wore. He sees Chibimon stating what he wanted was a world where he could always be with people he liked. Murmuxmon questions what he should have done and is then finished. Piccolomon has watched and saw Shou has set ablaze a Digi Soul of Light. The duo realise Shou and Raven are now not there.

Zanbamon states that they were fighting, they then see a hole nearby and hear Yuu, the Hyper Infinity Cannon made one large hole. They decide to meet up. In the Prison Skull Satamon is taken out. Shou says sorry for what he has done. Norun states it's fine. She gives him the Digimon Twin stating they will give power to two heroes to save the Digital World. Shou states there are 2 more better than him, one being straight forward (Tsurugi) the other with a strong heart (Yuu). Tsurugi and Yuu meet up, Tsurugi intended to use Yuu's IC but finds it is broken. They realise they only have the Burst Charge left. Yuu says Tsurugi can't as if he is defeated who will taken on Barbamon. Tsurugi states there is no other way. Yuu says he knows that is why it is his job. Zanbamon is suprised that Murmuxmon was defeated and that Chaosdramon is trashed. Since that is how it is it makes no difference to him. He uses his Prison Gate Behading. Tsurugi and Yuu do seem to use Burst Charge. A light comes out of the system world along with Norun who hands over the Paired Devices Digimon Twin - the essence of the Ultimate. Both Zanbamon and Chaosdramon appear to be deleted in the light.

From the Light the Ultimate Level, Dragon Man, Vaccine Attribute, Victory Greymon and Ultimate Level, Cyborg, Data Attribute Z'dGarurumon are shown.
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