Battle 20 Death Struggle - Three Commanders

Norun has the Twins that are the Ultimate Item that only Tamers who have grasped the true Digisoul are able to use. The heros power will become hope. Zanbamon has destoyed Tsurugi's IC. He wants to know how they will now fight now that their bond is broken. Tsurugi thinks that Ryuuzanmaru is crying out in search of blood and thinks that is the reason Zanbamon hunts, his hatered towards Dragon Type Digimon. Zanbamon then attacks. On the other side Yuu tells MachGaogamon to hang in there. Chaosdramon says it's useless as Destroyed Hook is a living virus that is lethal. Chaosdramon states they had back luck and he is different from the other 2 commanders. Barbamon made him from the Dark Area data he was born to be a fighting machine with the strongest Red Digizoid Armour, the invincible weapon of destruction. Yuu now understands why Chaosdramon does not know the importance of lives, he thinks of the Digimon who have died. Yuu then has light coming out of him, using the IC to control it he revives MachGaogamon. Mach pulls the hook from him making one part of it snap. Chaosdramon is shocked but states they cannot win due to his Red Digizoid Armour.

Yuu gets Mach to attack with Howling Cannon, this makes Chaosdramon's head hurt. Yuu states that metal transmits sound. This annoys Chaosdramon who warms up Hyper Infinity Cannon. Yuu states that Barbamon's castle would not take it. Chaosdramon says he doesn't care cause if it takes out Barbamon then he'll become the Demon Lord. He then fires, however it misses. Chaosdramon thinks he dodged it but due to the Howling Cannon it damaged the program inside of him. Mach fires up with more speed. He uses Winning Knuckle smashing some of the Digizoid armour. MachGaoga shows that he was the snapped part of the hook allowing him to take on Digizoid with Digizoid. However now Yuu's Digivice had an Error and is cracking. Chaosdramon is now going psycho and has half of his face cut.

Zanbamon and RiseGreymon are still going at it. RiseGreymon says they won't get taken down here. Zanbamon states that "A warrior finds something worth dying for". RiseGreymon says not to push people around. Murmuxmon is watching from up on high. Zanbamon's Warrior Code, Chaosdramon's Vanity are both small. The new Digital World will not be swung by such uneveness. He warms up the Gehenna Flame, if he was to send this down the Digimemories would be sent to the Dark Area and given to NEO along with the data of all 4 Digimon. Shou turns up stating Murmuxmon was once the protector of the System World host computer. Muruxmon states he could erase him with the others that would collect the final memories. Shou states he doesn't understand what Barbamon wants to do with the world or wha NEO is. Murmuxmon states NEO is a being far more sacred than their lives - it is the future.

Shou states it is a crude future built upon death, he turned his back on his friends, his promise to Norun. He breaks his own Digivice IC. The others then see Shou and Murmuxmon up in the air. Shou says thank you to Yuu for the courage not to give up, Tsurugi for helping him remember his reasons. Murmuxmon asks if he is rising up, can he really defeat Barbamon. Shou says he doesn't think he can defeat Barbamon. But he is to be cautious of, thus why he will defeat him and save Norun. Murmuxmon stats to suck up the Firewall, Murmuxmon can control the Dark Energy, currently the Gehenna Flame is a small black ball but it would destroy them over a hundered times. Shou states that even if they do not have Digivices the bonds between the Digimon and their partners have not gone away. Peckmon spreads his wings with Shou on his back they go towards Murmuxmon. "Lets go Murmuxmon, you fallen guardian angel, i won't be taken by the darkness anymore...I am Kahara Shou, Humans were supposed to do this.....Burst Charge!" With that it appears that either Peckmon and Shou merge, or the light from Shou just makes Peckmon evolve - to Ravenmon the Evolution of Light.
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