Battle 19 System World
The team make it to the System World. Barbamon says he will soon the other 2 Digimemories. Ami is upset she couldn't protect Pichimon. At 3 different locations the 3 Commanders are waiting, the Loyal Hearted Zanbamon, the Incarnate of Destruction Chaosdramon, and the comrade of the same mind the Devil Murmuxmon. He states that victory will be theirs. Norun says no that 3 years ago they showed her the future of the Digital World. Those children will show them the right way and they will correct their mistakes. Barbamon orders Norun to be taken the prison. Babramon states that RiseGreymon and MachGaogamon will be offered to Neo just like Pichimon. Neo now the top part of Pichimon as part of his body.

The duo reach the castle, Murmuxmon knows togther they are strong, he remembers a Chibimon for some reason and then splits Yuu and Tsurugi up with his Gehenna Flame. Yuu and MachGaogamon land at Deck B where Chaosdramon awaits them. Tsurugi and RiseGreymon land on Deck A where Zanbamon awaits them. Zanbamon says he's been looking forward to this fight. RiseGreymon fires at him but the attack is repelled. Zanbamon says it's a good attach but not good enough. RiseGreymon feels his Dragon Digimemory crying. Zanbamon tells him because his Katana is called Ryuuzanmaru (Dragon Behead Blade or Dragon Killing Blade). That means Zanbamon is a natural enemy of Dragon Digimon. Zanbamon tells RiseGreymon that he will be the 100th Dragon killed and he then attacks with Prison Gate Beheading.

MachGaogamon is using his speed against Chaosdramon but he is caught when his fist cracks against Chaosdramon's Clone Digizoid. Chaosdramon attacks him with Destroyed Hook. It is a living virus that will inject into his wound and melt him. RiseGreymon blocks the Katana of Zanbamon with his gun, RiseGreymon says it is because his gun is Clone Digizoid just like that Katana. Zanbamon says it should have sent him flying. Zanbamon then sees that Tsurugi soul charged. RiseGreymon tells Zanbamon that his Katana will have to be renamed. Zanbamon begins to understand that after Rise's fight against Knight, the death of friends that he's become a true warrior but to underestimate the bond between Tamer and Digimon must be kept under watch. He then thinks to Murmuxmon that as planned they would fight them one on one, but he underestimated the Tamers power. RiseGreymon goes for Zanbamon with Trident Revolver as Zanbamon uses Juumonjigiri (Cross Slash). Both attacks offset each other, RiseGreymon follows up with Solid Stike making Zanbamon falter or so it seems. Tsurugi realises his IC is now gone. Zanbamon unleashed a small Katana at the IC, which is now trashed. Zanbamon tells them the have now lost the bond of the Digisoul.

In the System World Prison Norun is being guarded by SkullSatamon, perfect level. Norun thinks that the teams only chance is now. As a side note "A power to overcome the adversary...Digimon Twin" Norun knows she somehow has to give them the Contrasting Devices, the Digimon Twin.
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