Battle 18 Break Through the Firewall

Ami has been kidnapped by Chaosdramon, Tsurugi is upset he couldn't save anything. Shou starts to realise that Tsurugi does care. Agumon then sees the System World starting to head their way. Barbamon hands the Machine Memory over to NEO and he gets a mechanical arm. Norun says NEO was supposed to be the hope of the Digital World and should not be used to create dispair. He tells her to be quiet and throws his glass of wine at her. He tells her that hope will be what remains and calls her a form of powerless thoughts. Both of them appear to be bleeding from the head in the same place. Murmuxmon comes in and goes to treat Norun's wounds but is interupted by Barbamon, Murmuxmon gives his report that Light City was captured and everything went to plan. Chaosdramon comes in and he thinks Murmuxmon came back for all the credit. Barbamon congratulates Chaosdramon about defeating Andromon. Chaosdramon states the festival of blood is about to begin and has Ami brought in. Ami recognises Norun and asks why is she there.

Tsurugi and the others know they have to go fight, on the ridge is someone in a Black Manteau, Piccolomon has come to them. He came from Hidden Valley but was obstructed by the Commandements. Piccolomon asks if Tsurugi has forgotten his resolve they should go and fight. Gaomon tells Piccolomon that they can't juse use resolve they need weapons. Piccolomon states they don't need them, they can evolve to perfect and since they are Illegals they can even challenge Ultimates and to bring out the power they need they must use the Tamers Digisoul - in short willpower. Tsurugi says they must go to the System World. Piccolomon collapses as he's injured from the Commandments. He recovers the teams energy and gives them a short history lesson. All the disasters began to happen when Barbamon made it to the System World and took over the host computer "Yggdrasil". They have to get it back and turn it back to it's original.... (he cuts off here and i would like to bet he was going to state form). Shou states it's impossible as the System World has too much security and the Commandments.

Agumon states they are still going as they can't take the Digisoul away from them. Tsurugi asks Shou to come with them. Shou states he is Knight, Barbamon's Direct Supervisor and then remembers what Chaosdramon stated to him last chapter. Peckmon tells Shou that Shou was lost fighting with the commandments, he knows after all they are connected. Tamers cannot lie to their Digimon. Peckmon tells Shou "even in story skies if you want to know the truth then he has to make a journey with his heart". Shou replies the Shou who cared for Peckmon has died. Tsurugi grabs Shou and tells him to come on. Agu and Gao evolve to perfect and go ahead. Piccolomon tells Shou when he is unsure of things say what's on your mind. Shou immediatly thinks of Norun.

Yuu asks Tsurugi about was it all ok with Shou. Tsurugi tells him yes as Shou will come through as he sensed a smoldering Digisoul inside of Peckmon and he belives in Shou. Besides that they have enemies on the way and Tsurugi is counting on Yuu. MachGaogamon states they are BladeKuwagamon and there are about a thousand. RiseGreymon goes into over drive and uses Rising Destroyer annoyed at the BladeKuwagamon attacking. Commandramon reports that CannonBeemon's units are completly wiped out. Barbamon orders him to get the 3 Commanders ready. Zanbamon is ready to see what kind of fight they will put up against him now that they have evolve to perfect. Barbamon then goes to take the Water Digimemory as Ami holds Pichimon.

The 2 perfects are at the Firewall but they can't break though it with their attacks. Tsurugi thinks of what Piccolomon had said to him early about the power of the Digisoul and realises that is how to get in. Tsurugi jumps from RiseGreymon onto a beam created by the Illegal Symbol. RiseGreymon has the power to break through the Firewall and to unlock it RiseGreymon needs his Digisoul, Tsurugi uses his digi soul and brings up a key on the screen. RiseGreymon uses "Crack Bullet" and the Firewall opens. They go through to save Ami, Picihimon and take back the Host Computer.
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