Battle 17 I...

Yuu is troubled about himself being weak and remembers what happened with the 'Black Gaogamon' but he finally awakens. Andromon introduces himself to Yuu and tells him that he isn't weak. Tsurugi and the others can't get out. Tsurugi is worried over Shou being overtaken by the Dark Digisoul all this time. Yuu is with a 'Nurse Type Guardromon' but Yuu isn't talking. Guardromon states that having his Digimon evolve to the Dark side has left a would in his heart. Andromon tells the Guardromon to look after Yuu, he is going to face Chaosdramon. Above ground they appear before Chaosdramon and state they will not give up. Chaosdramon orders his Tankdramon forward. The Battle begins between the Andromon and his Guardromon, Chaosdramon with the Commandments.

Yuu wonders why he came to Light City and remembers more of his talk with Andromon. Trailmon bringing them. Andromon states it's ok that he fulfilled his duty but as long as they don't forget it's ok. Yuu says is no duty, born as a Trailmon to carry passengers until he dies, it's misfortune it's just like him, he's been ill since he was born. Andromon says it can be the same for himself. Back with the battle Andromon goes after Chaosdrmon with his Gattling Missile but it does very little as Chaosdrmon is made of the Red Digizoid Armour the highest grade. Chaosdramon states Barbamon gave it him. He has pity for Andromon since he was born to be an "Overseer". Andromon states that he has no regret. Chaosdramon says he will make him regret.

Yuu remembers Andromon saying that the type, attribute are decided from birth but the power is limited that is why they are valued and live with all their might. Yuu says he's still weak and hesitates, Andromon turns that around and says it isn't weakness that time is required to find the best answer. Choose something that he will not regret. Chaosdrmon is sick of playing around and uses his Hyper Infinity Cannon this impacts on everything close, but Yuu is safe. Yuu runs to a very injured Andromon. Andromon is happy Yuu is safe that the clothes protected him. The Hyper Infinity Cannon/The Dark Area power was fired directly at him, Chaosdramon killed both enemies and his own allies, worse still Light City has been destroyed. Andromon changes Yuu's mini into a Blue IC. Yuu tells Andromon that he has thinking about what Andromon told him. Andromon is then deleted. Yuu cries then looks with determiniation at Wanyamon. The IC and the Beast Symbol begin to glow.

Tsurugi and the others were also caught in the blast but are reletivly speaking ok. Shou is now awake as Peckmon protected him from the explosion. Chaosdrmon comes forward and taunts Shou. Shou states that this is 1 of the 3 commanders - Chaosdramon. Shou swears at Chaosdramon for making him infiltrate the base so that he could be blown up with the rest of it. Chaosdramon says that's true that he has always hated Shou. Shou states that he was Barbamon's direct supervisor and did Chaosdramon think he could get away with it. Chaosdrmon says Barbamon approved because Shou is disposable. Shou replies that is lies. Chaosdramon says that Shou is no longer the Knight of Darkness and that weak ones are meant to die and lose out. The Digimemories that the team are holding he will now proceed to gouge them out. He goes to attack with Chaos Crusher but is stopped by a square fist to the side of his face of "Winning Knuckle"..

Tsurugi sees Yuu and calls to him. Ami tells Yuu to stay away but he replies that Andromon taught him that he cannot do everything but do what he can and he will fight with his partner, Mach Gaogamon. Mach Gaogamon says that Yuu's resolve made him stronger and the King Belt around his chest is proof of that. Chaosdramon tells him not to underestimate him that Mach Gaogamon is a perfect level yet he is an Ultimate. Shou sees what is coming next, Chaosdramon goes to attack with Hyper Infinity Cannon but is told to stop by a dark digimon. An order has been issued to withdraw at once. Shou states that is the last of the 3 Commanders - Murmuxmon. Murmuxmon states the annihilation of the resistance has been successful the rest is unneccessary. Chaosdramon asks about the memories, Murmuxmon says they will face off in the System World to ensure their victory and with their fate there is no choice but to go to the System World. Chaosdramon relents as it's Barbamon's orders and it can't be helped but takes Ami as a hostage to be sure that they come, he tells MachGaogamon that he will repay the favour. Yuu gets MachGaogamon to go after him but Murmuxmon gets in the way and with a flash the 2 commandments and Ami disappear.
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