Battle 16 Perfect Level Rise Greymon
Geo Greymon has evolved to Rise Greymon. Rise states that if Shou is the Darkness, Tsurugi is the Light and that the power of Light is stronger than the power of Darkness. Barbamon communicates with Shou telling him to expand the Darkness in his heart, pure feelings will not let his dream come true, the song of love won't change the world. Shou's eyes then change and the floor and ceiling disappear. Shou states the Dark Area has corroded the air space. Rise Greymon points his gun at Yatagaramon but he disappears and attacks from behind. Shou states they had the advantage here because this is now part of the Dark Area and his Digisoul is strongest here. Rise can't get a shot in and Shou orders Yatagara to finish it..Yatagara starts to warm up his Mikafutsu no Kami, Tsurugi realises that this is the attack Kokabuterimon mentioned that defeated Altur Kabuterimon. Shou orders that it will change them to 0 and 1 data that will become part of NEO body with the Digimemory.

The attack is launched but Rise Greymon holds is back. Rise says he will not be taken down by a thunderball. Shou states that Rise is getting hurt. Rise states that's true but the pain isn't from his body, its the pain in Shou's heart. Rise says he understands and that the ball of Thunder is tightly holding the Darkness in Shou's heart. Rise uses Solid Strike we then get a flashback of Shou's past. The group see Shou alone stating he wants to be alone without family or friends. They then see Barbamon telling Shou he doesn't belong in that world everyone will abandon him like they already have and will continue to do so. Shou states that's right because he is suffering alone to fulfil the promise to Norun. Barbamon then takes him as his Knight of Darkness. Tsurugi tells Shou not to be fooled and that Barbamon is using him.

Shou states that is true but it is what he wished for. He tells Tsurugi that he can't understand as he lived in the light. He says Tsurugi is always bright with friends around him compared to himself who's heart is filled with Darkness. Barbamon understood that and acknowledged that someone who has lived in a world of Darkness has the qualifications to fight for justice. That is the reason he swore loyalty to Barbamon and how he came to know how to turn Darkness into Power and create the Dark Digisoul. Shou then grows and goes to attack himself. Rise swoops in and saves them. The Dark Digisoul is all around. Tsurugi uses his Digisoul to send light. They then see the Black Digicore that is controlling him. Rise aims at Shou but Yatagara says he will not let him do it. Rise tells Yatagara that he isn't going to defeat him but save him. Shou asks Yatagara what is wrong and why he isn't fighting and if he is abandoning him.

Yatagara lets Rise go past and shoots at Shou stating that those bullets are the hearts of the friends thinking of him. The Dark Area then starts to break apart the sign that he is free from Barbamon. Yata holds Shou in his wings. Barbamon realises that the transmission with the Core has been cut and knows Knight lost. Norun states no that he's being saved.Chaosdramon is informed of the loss from Tankdramon. Chaosdramon states Shou was useless for not being able to hold up until he got there. We then see Andromon with the Guardromon above ground.

Shou wakes up and states it was irrational for him to lose as he is always been serious about fighting yet Tsurugi has been easy going. This must mean that someone like him who holds the darkness in his heart doesn't have a place to belong. Ami states that isn't true as everyone has a darkness in them and there is no such human without it. Everyone has fears but is afraid to admit it however that he is diligent and became conscious of the darkness. Tsurugi says that he's always kept watch on Shou not just for times like this but be it Digimon or Soccer he always wanted Shou to be there but Shou refused. Shou says that is true that he always turned Tsurugi down but even though Tsurugi has thought of Shou as a friend. Tsurugi tells Shou it isn't too late that they can fight for the sake of Digimon together. Shou states he needs to be alone for a whole that he is really sleepy. He then passes out. The Battle between them is over.
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