Battle 15 Dark Area
Shou has revealed himself as the Black Knight. Chaosdramon is having the bases hammered. Andromon and the Guardromon are in the underground base Control room, they find the army are at the North Hill base. Andromon wonders who informed Barbamon. Shou states Chaosdramon will end the rebellion army. Tsurugi states the Shou he knew was kind and took care of living things. Shou says that Tsurugi doesn't understand. When Ami gets annoyed at them both Shou spots the Water Memory with Picihimon and orders Peckmon to take it. Pichimon activates his barrier and Peck can't get through. Koromon is annoyed and gets Tsurugi to evolve him into GeoGreymon.

GeoGreymon uses his Horn Impulse. Tsurugi says they will fight and he vows. Shou says he doesn't have the qualification to talk about vows afterall he forgot the promise they made to Norun. Peckmon attacks GeoGreymon with Spiral Claw. Tsurugi asks him about it, the promise was to fight for the sake of the Digimon. Peckmon and GeoGreymon use Thousand Beak and Mega Burst. He asks him if following Barbamon and mass killing Digimon is keeping the promise. Shou says yes as it's the true meaning of the promise and that he's known this since that fated day.

Flashback to Shou beating some older kids. One of younger kids says Peckmon is super powerful. Shou demands the older kids return the Digimon Cards they stole. One of them snatches the Mini and destroys it. They then attack Shou. On his way home holding the broken Mini he thinks of Peckmon and wonders what he should do to fight for the sake of Digimon. Shou thinks none of the humans think of the Digimon's happiness with their Digimon (with resetting). He even says Tsurugi forgot the promise and became obesessed with soccer. The mini then shines and he is taken to Barbamon. Peckmon is then seen. Barbamon tells Shou he fetched Peckmon from the Dark Area, his mini is now Black and fixed. Barbamon tells him that if he uses it he can go between the 2 worlds and he understands Shou's loneliness. Barba's staff starts to omit waves he says that Shou is pure and clean and that he deserves to be a tamer, he asks Shou to listen. He became aware of the disasterous condition of the Digital World, It was then he vowed loyalty to Barbamon.

Tsurugi wonders what he means. Shou states about the Aato suffering, erasing them because they are a 'failed creation' letting them die because people were careless. Even Ami has been careless in the past. They are the ones who are unreasonably killing the Digimon and until the evil bonds are broken the Digimon will never have true happiness. Tsurugi counters saying that Barbamon is stealing the lives of those who should have been born. Shou states that Barbamon is liberating Digimon from selfish humans all for the creation of "Neo". And to create Neo the 8 memories are needed. Tsurugi asks wha Neo is. Shou replies saying Neo is Hope, Neo is the future and the existance of the New World.

Shou then starts to gather Dark Digisoul. If Neo is born the Digimon will obtain true happiness and Norun will be saved. They both wonder what that means and who she is... Shou then draws a Black IC, Barbamon granted him power even if it means he has to become a devil. He evolves Peckmon to Yatagaramon, Shou carries the full bureden and he will save everything he will show them the full weight of the promise. Darkness starts to drip in. Shou says it's Black Feathers and when they touch the darkness they go to the botton of hell. The Dark Digisoul will take them and the body and soul will succumb to it. The Guardromon get a signal of the abnormality but can't bring it up on screen. Andromon knows it's the Dark Area but says it can't be... then Chaosdramon communicates with Andromon. He asks him if he has taken interest in his two-front strategy.

The Darkness is still coming in and GeoGreymon's attack isn't having any effect. Shou statest that it should be obvious that an Adult is no match for the perfect. This is war and war is ideal. Shou asks Tsurugi what he wants to do with the Digital World but Tsurugi doesn't reply. Shou says there is no justice in Tsurugi's vow. Tsurugi asks him about Justice, is dropping bombs on a peaceful city and killing tons of Digimon justice? Shou says yes, Destruction leads to creation and history proves that. Barbamon holds that justice of the Digital World. The darkness is taking hold of GeoGreymon. Shou threw away his hesitations, the Knights Armour has made his mind stronger. He will see that the Digital World sees justice. GeoGreymon is nearly totally ensnared in the darkness. GeoGreymon says sorry that he couldn't become strong with Tsurugi and that it was fun. Tsurugi won't let GeoGreymon sink into the Darkness alone, he jumps in after him.

Shou says that was foolish, the Dark Area is the Digital Worlds hell and once you fall in you will never come back alive. Ami asks him why did he do this because they used to get along so well. Shou says because of Justice. A crack then appears in the darkness. Shou says impossible that the Black Feathers is breaking apart. A figure is then seen stating Destruction, slaughter, all for the sake of justice if that is justice he doesn't need it. It's Tsurugi riding on RiseGreymon the Perfect form of GeoGreymon. RiseGreymon the Phantom Machine Digimon.
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