Battle 14 Reunion

Andromon introduces himself as the other overseer and leader of the resistance against the Demon Lord. He apologises for being late as their priorites were to give shelter to the Digimon citizens of Light City. He takes them to the resistance underground base. He reveals that Barbamon doesn't know the exact place. Guardromon 30 tells Andromon that they have a status on Yuu and Wanyamon. Guardromon says that Dark Digisoul has contaminated them they require time for medical treatment. Andromon explains that the Digital World's hell (Dark Area) is filled with Dark Energy. The Digital World is a paralle world born from the network and is not unrelated to the real world. Humans thoughts and feelings come in and out when people journey into the Net. But more so the Ill-feelings such as hatered, anguish etc, all of these feelings become the power of Darkness that goes into the Dark Area. Ami suddenly realises what Andromon means. Andromon then explains that Digisoul released by a Tamer taken by Ill-Feelings is Dark Digisoul. Tsurugi and Ami then worry as Knight uses Dark Digisoul. Andromon tells them not to as he states that people don't take to the dark so quickly and that resting will be his medicine as the Digisoul is an issue involving the Tamer's mind.

Guardromon then gives a status on the victims, 7% of the City Structure are highly damaged. Victims are high... but some were able to get below ground. Ami asks about the humans, the people who were logged into the game. Andromon says the Light City in the game is a program the humans created so to speak isn't the real thing and that the Light City they are currently in is the true Light City and the reason why they fight against Barbamon. Andromon says they have been waiting for them, they are the saviours. There are 2 reasons why Barbamon is attacking the city, firstly to destroy the resistance and the second is to get the DigiMemory that he holds - The Machine DigiMemory. If Barbamon gets all 8 Memories he will control the power of the Dark Area and the one to stop him is Tsurugi and the guys.

Tsurugi doubts himself as he couldn't even touch one of the dubordinate commanders. Koromon says they can do it if he gets something to eat and his wounds healed. Tsurugi isn't sure but Koromon says they have to for Trailmon. Ami says they are going back to their world. Tsurugi says it's a fight for fellow Digimon, he shouldn't interfere but he wants to save them, he wants to save the Digimon who's lives are being taken. Andromon states that to ensure victory against Barbamon they must recapture the Host Comupter from Barbamon. Andromon shows them the System World - Barabmon's Castle, they see the firewall that protects the Castle and while that is there they cannot reach the castle. However there is someone who can tear the wall appart - the Illegal, although Koromon may not feel it there is a secret power in him that he isn't aware of. Andromon is then able to beam Koromon, with wings to soar through the sky, the phantom machine dragon Rise Greymon. He can open the path if it is desired, that is the Tamer and Digimon's Invisible Bond. Ami is still thinking of going home but knows she can't ask in this situation.

At Barbamon's Castle Zanbamon is reporting to Barbamon that he has word that the Tamers have made itinto Light City. He admits his failure and has no excuses. A voice says Zanbamon is pathetic and should commit Harakiri (suicide by slicing through the gut to retain honour). It's Chaosdramon another of the 3 Commanders and when Norun states this he isn't all that happy with her. Barabmon asks him what he wants. Chaosdramon wants Barbamon to leave the annihilation of the Illegals to him. Barbamon states they are in the hidden base and wants to know how they will locate them. Chaosdramon says no worries as he will use the Hacker Tamer. Barbamon gives his concent. In the real world Shou's mini activates, Shou thinks Peckmon is hungry but a holo of Chaosdramon comes forth.

Back at Light City Guadromon swtich patrols, Number 13 on duty. He sees the ruins and curses the Commandments. He sees a figure and recognises him. Inside Ami + Tsurugi have new clothes. He apologies to Ami saying that he will ask them to get back to the real world afterwards. The clothes are made out of Clone Digizoid that never tears. Guardromon 28 comes and takes them to Number 13 and Shou! 28 goes to report to Andromon leaving Shou, 13 and the others together. Tsurugi is suprised that he came to the Digital World. Ami states all four of us who got along have gathered. Shou ignores her and she gets upset at him. Shou asks Tsurugi what are Digimon to him. He replies they are friends, they are important partners then he thinks he's had this conversation before. Ami says she remembers that Norun Mikihara asked them 3 years ago "What are Digimon to you?". (Shou, Tsurugi and Ami were 8, Yuu was 6) Back then he said Digimon are my partners, the form of love and sweat. Ami said they were family and that is why she doesn't let them battle. Yuu says he loves them and Shou while blushing like crazy says they're friends. Tsurugi says close friends, Ami continues to say they Digimon are her children. Norun is happy that they treat Digimon so previously. She asks them to promise her something "That you guys will always, when you fight for the Digimon....."

Shou says yes that's right we exchanged that promise with Norun 3 years ago. Ami says she was mysterious and they only played together in the park for 1 day. Tsurugi isn't sure if he remembers, Shou isn't happy with him as he thought Tsurugi is 'that kind of guy'. He asks if he has ever seriously thought about a promise, has he suffered the burden or responsibility of a promise. He calls Tsurugi a selfish brat and not thinking about what is the best for the Digital World as a whole and that he is just a foolish person who is obstructing Barbamon's Ideals. Tsurugi is suprised at this and asks "Why are you" as an alarm goes off. Shou says that Chaosdramon's Attacks has begun. He came to this area to notify them of the secret base location. Shou orders 13 to do it and he turns into Peckmon. Tsurugi then realises that Shou is Knight.
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