Battle 13 The Other Overseer!

Trailmon is still being attatched and him firing back. They make it inside of the tunnel. Gaomon admits that it was a great plan and that he underestimated Tsurugi. Tsurugi says if it was him alone he'd have fought but now he has to think about those he's protecting. Agumon is now hungry so Tsurugi gets the IC out but an error appears on the screen. He then hears it's alarm - a Digimon is closeby with the DP rising. Trailmon slams on his breaks to avoid hitting a Digimon on the tracks. It's Zanbamon and he introduces himself to the group. He was into thier plan and came to stop them. Yuu says they can use Trailmon's artillery to get rid of him but Gaomon tells him that Zanbamon is an Ultimate Level the highest evolved form and not even a Perfect could stand up to him let alone them. Zanbamon orders them to surrender and hand over the Digi Memories.

Tsurugi knows if they surrender then it's the end of the Digital World. He tells Ami and the others to leave on Trailmon to head to the overseer as he knows he cannot win against Zanbamon but he has to hold him off. Zanbamon lets them go as says he won't attack them from behind. Yuu shouts they will come back with support troops. When they have gone Zanbamon says that it was a pitiful way of saying that Tsurugi didn't want to get his friends hurt. Tsurugi is suprised at this but Agumon states "A guy with a Samurai's Pity". Zanbamon laughs and says he just need 5 seconds to beat Agumon and after that there is plenty of time for him to go after the others. Tsurugi evolves Agumon to GeoGreymon and states that it won't be 5 seconds. Zanbamon agrees and now states it will be 3 seconds as now it's an easier target. GeoGreymon uses Mega Flame but Zanbamon uses his "Kyokugi" (High Rank Skill) "Juumonjigiri" (Cross Slash) cutting the Mega Flame and attacking GeoGreymon slicing him in 4 all within 3 seconds. However Geo Greymon just devolves to Koromon.

Zanbamon states that it must be the power of Illegal that saved him. He advances towards Koromon but Tsurugi grabs hold of one of Zanbamon's hind legs he won't let him attack Koromon. Zanbamon tells him to give up like a man. Tsurugi tells him he won't give up and that he and Koromon are 2 as 1. Koromon bites at another of Zanbamon's legs stating they are bodies that share the same heart. Tsurugi wants Koromon to leave but he won't saying he will stay with Tsurugi until he dies. A creaking is then heard above them. We can see a cross shape (made from the Cross Slash). Tsurugi grabs Koromon and makes a dash through the falling rocks. The tunnel is now blocked. Zanbamon is unsure if they were crushed or made it through but will leave the search to the underlings. Though he does admit that Tamer Tsurugi is an interesting human.

Tsurugi has only just made it with Koromon. They know that Ultimate is too strong and they couldn't do anything but they head towards the station. On Trailmon the tunnel gets wider. They are very close now. However another Trailmon comes in on the next track...the Commandments Armoured Trailmon with Mummymon and his troops. He orders them to open fire which they do. Trailmon is getting filled with bullets but keeps going while Ami etc are low on the floor. He makes it to the station as he was supposed to. Trailmon slams into the buffer and ends up falling over. When outside of him Yuu tells him to hang on. Trailmon tells them this is Light City the Place of Beginnings + the Terminal Station but their Terminal Station is not this one. He asks them to tell Tsurugi thank you for the Last Journey he then is turned into data.

Mummymon tells them that is what happens when people go against the commandments. Yuu gets really annoyed and produces a Black Digisoul feeling hate. Gaomon evolves into an oversized Gaogamon a "Black Gaogamon" (note that he is only called that to show the difference between the normal one and this one - sorta like ShineGreymon BM when he was corrupted). He attacks like crazy taking out every last Commandramon and Mummymon. Tsurugi and Koromon arrive to see a torn up station. Ami is crying and tells Tsurugi that Trailmon is dead and we see Yuu and Wanyamon (Gaomon's Baby II) on the floor. Tsurugi says they now need to find the other overseer. Ami just wants to go back. He tells her she can afterall this is Light City. They go further (Tsurugi carrying Yuu) and find everything in ruins. Ami is now really upset and Tsurugi annoyed. They then get lights shining on them. They are told they are not enemies. He introduces himself as Andromon - the Overseer of Light City.
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