Battle 11 Pichimon's Secret

Norun walks up to the young group and asks "What are Digimon, What are they to them?" That was the question posed 3 years ago. The answer is in the Digital World...

Peckmon delivers the Insect Memory to Barbamon. Barbamon asks Peckmon where Knight he. Peckmon informs him that he has gone back to the Human World. Barbamon says that he sees and tells Peckmon he is dismissed. A Digimon asks Barbamon to wait he wishes to inquire Peckmon about a certain issue. The Digimon is Nanomon (Datamon) the Commandments Strategist. Nanomon was spying on Knight having the secret meeting with Norun. He states that they know it is forbidden to make contact with Norun. He wants to know what it is about. He orders Peckmon to bring Knight back to the Digital World for a meeting. Peckmon refuses saying he only has one master Kahara Shou - Knight and that he as no intentions of following the orders of any other person. Barbamon laughs telling Peckmon that his loyaltly to Knight is splendid. He tells Peckmon to go which he does. Nanomon is not happy and reiterates what Peckmon said about orders. Barbamon reminds him that Knight is his faithful subordinate and there is no problem. Nanomon aska Barbamon why he trusts the human. Barbamon asks him if he can do what Knight can and before he critisises others faults to show his own merit. Nanomon leaves Barbamon and realises that at this rate his position of strategist could fall and that he must hurry to prevent Tsurugi and the others reaching their destination.

On the Train Ami is looking for Pichimon. She doesn't find him but sees Gaomon who is listening in on Yuu talking with Trailmon. The bridge they are crossing will disappear when they've crossed because of the Passengers Will makes the rails. He also states that he is an old type of Trailmon. Yuu wants to become strong with Gaomon. Ami questions Gaomon what he was doing. This startles him, Ami tells Gaomon not to worry that Yuu likes Gaomon over Trailmon and tells him not to be jeleous thinking that Trailmon has taken Yuu. She asks him if he has seen Pichimon, he tells her that Pichimon with with Tsurugi and Agumon..

Pichimon is looking rather worried and Agumon looking rather manic...Ami comes in thwapping Agumon for going to attack Pichimon. Tsurugi tells he that she misunderstands that they were training Pichimon ready for the final battle. Ami tells him to not butt into other peoples business and that she puts her effort into raising a Digimon rather than fighting as she hates violence! Agumon disagrees with the violence part (must be to do with how she thwapped him) and he poops in her face. The Trailmon emergency stops, there is a building in the way. It's the Paradise Hot Spring. Angewomon comes with Tailmons and greet them. Ami is suspicious and wonders why a hot spring is in a place like this. Gaomon tells her that Tailmon + Angewomon are good Digimon. Tsurugi is just impressed that Angewomon is sexy!!!! (wtf) Ami is not impressed with Tsurugi drinking (what he says is juice) and ends up with his head in the cleavage of Angewomon. Before Ami walks off Yuu says Tsurugi must have a weakness for large chest! (ok....then)

Ami goes into the spring thinking about Tsurugi flirting with Angewomon. She thinks back to what she and Gaomon talked about on the Trailmon. She wonders if she is like that. Angewomon comes into the spring fully clothed. She says the hot water is perfect for machines. The area around them turns black and the water to Machine Oil. The food turns to insects (gross insects). Gaomon soon puts them right telling them they're computer bugs they can turn Digimon Data to trash. Tsurugi now realises it's a trap and realises Ami is in trouble. The Tailmon stops him and the others from getting to Ami. Angewomon attatcks with some missiles. She calls Ami a useless Tamer because her Digimon is still a fresh one and fresh Digimon are unable to battle. Ami says they just want to go home to the Real World. Angewomon tells her that this is not a game - it's war. Angewomon goes for the kill with a shot. But Pichimon has made a barrier with his Mu Symbol. She realises that Pichimon is an illegal too. We are then shown that Pichimon has the Water Digimemory. Angewomon then splits apart where we see Nanomon inside - she was just a robot. He says he must take the 3 memories and then he wil have surpassed Knight.

With Tsurugi and the others we find the Tailmon are actually Hagarumon. Ami asks him why he is doing this. She tells him hurting others makes people lose others this makes people mourn... She then remembers being at her mothers bedside with her father and brother. She tells Nanomon that Pichimon is her family and she doesn't want to lose anyone else important in her life.As Tsurugi and the others get there when Nanomon goes for the memory Pichimon evolves into Marine Angemon! He makes it so the enemy lose their will to battle. Nanomon tells them that they know their destination of Light City that is why they blocked the route, they know they are close, Nanomon says "After passing this valley it will soon...." Ami thanks Pichimon she states "It might be weird for her to be a Tamer that doesn't battle but Digimon are.." she then remembers that a long time ago someone asked her what are Digimon to her - but she doesn't remember who.

They know they can now head to Light City and Agumon still eats the food (yerk)
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