Battle 10 The Girl Norun

3 Commandramon are at the end of the battlements. One of them is hurt and asks for his wounds to be healed. They say no how the Commandments are Elite and that broken soldiers are not needed. One of them shoots at the injured one who falls from the battlements as an emergency sounds. He is disitigrated as a voice says "Poor Commandramon, the Firewall that encircles the System World burns up Barbamon's enemies" stating that the Firewall took Commandramon's life. We find the voice belongs to a girl. She hears something coming in an horn is dropped, it was Altur Kabuterimons. Shou has returned with Peckmon. He calls the girl Norun. Shou tells her he had to go to the North Forest on Barbamon's orders and that this horn is the spoils of war.

At North Forest Tsurugi and the others find the mess. Gaomon hears something and finds a KoKabuterimon injured under a lot of wood. They get him out and with the IC Tsurugi gives him emergency treatment. Sunflowmon asks what happened. KoKabuterimon goes into the story of what happened and we get the flashback.
Shou as the Black Knight with Peckmon. Altur Kabuterimon knows that Peckmon is illegal. Shou knows not to underestimate the power of a perfect. Altur uses his Horn Buster and it hits Peckmon, or so we think, it was just a fake. Peckmon uses Kunai feathers. KoKabuterimon says that Altur's power defense is high. We see a Tentomon in the background. Peckmon informs Shou that Altur's DP is around 5000. Shou knows thing could get difficult and tells Altur that he must purify old Digimon and create a new Digital World for Barbamon's ideals. Altur tells Shou that he is being used and to open his eyes.

Shou tells Peckmon that they must get the Digimemory that Altur Kabuterimon is holding - the Plant/Insect Memory. Shou gets a glow in his hand as Peckmon flies into the air. Altur knows this is Digisoul but it has an ominous feeling to it. Shou states "The Key to my heart open, the door to the Dark Area". Altur now knows it's the power of Darkness. Shou delivers it to Peckmon who's Memory shines and he evolves to Yatagaramon. The sky turns black, Altur Kabuterimon cannot believe that the Legendary Demon Bird is real. Shou orders Yatagaramon forward. A huge explosion is then seen (as seen from Next 9). The flashback then ends

Sunflowmon and the others stay behind so Tsurugi, Ami, Yuu and their Digimon are on the train. Gaomon states that Sunflowmon and the others should be ok as the Knight is after the Digimemories and he shouldn't go to North Forest anymore. Ami remembers the Knight and asks Tsurugi asks if he was the guy Tsurugi fought at the Battle Terminal. Tsurugi says yes and that he is an Illegal like them. He became Barbamon's assistant and has been eliminating Digimon. Yuu says that Tamers have to treasure their Digimon and that Hacker is wrong. Ami remembers that Hacker is a Hacker and thinks that she can ask him to send them home. Tsurugi reminds her that he is an enemy. Ami says that is nothing to do with her as long as she can go back to the real world she would accept help from the Demon Lord/Knight Sama. Gaomon is thinking about Yatagaramon and the reasons they've been able to defeat perfects is because they are Illegals. He knows if they can't get to perfect they won't be able to win. (In the shadows of his mind we see RiseGreymon and MachGaogamon). He wonders what they should now do.

Back at Barbamon's castle Norun states that it's the insect/plant Digimemory that Shou is holding. He says yes that's correct and that they defeated Altur Kabuterimon to obtain it. With that one they have 4 and that there are 4 left. Norun says he can't and asks him to return to his true self. Shou asks her why does she ask this. The work he is doing is to sever the evil bonds between humans and Digimon. Barbamon's ideal world is for the sake of Digimon. Norun says noway. Shou says that one day he is sure she will understand Barbamon's supremity. He gets a sudden shock of sorts. Norun asks if he's ok. He stays he just felt rushed and he is tried and needs to return to the real world for a short while. Shou gives the Digimemory to Peckmon and asks him to deliver it to Barbamon. He says he will as he always as his wings. Shou says "Ah i know". His Mini activates and he arrives home.

There is a knock on his door (that has tons of locks on it). It's his mother. She was worried about him not coming out of his room much. She tells him that Ami has also disappeared along with Tsurugi. He tells her that is isn't his problem. She says they were all good friends. He reiterates it isn't his problem and that he's tired. She says she's sorry and goes. Shou receives an email from Tooru. It states about the disappearances of Yuu, Ami and Tsurugi. He thinks it's something to do with the Battle Terminal and he wishes he knows where Tsurugi went. Also the soccer match is coming up. Shou wonders why Tsurugi is interfering. (On Shou's desk are various bird books) and a photograph. He picks it up with one side showing of him and Norun looking younger. He flips a folded end up to reveal a younger Ami, Tsurugi and i think Ami's younger brother (it doesn't look like Tooru). He states "It's been 3 years since then". Everything began 3 years ago?
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