Battle 09 The Black Digicore

Meramon has been commanded by Barbamon to burn everything. He attacks Gaomon knocking him back quite brutally. Gaomon is worried that he won't be able to protect Yuu however Trailmon arrives with Tsurugi + co. Raramon tells Ami + Tsurugi that Meramon is being controlled. Tsurugi evoles Agumon to GeoGreymon. The Raramon recognise the 'Mu Symobol' the sign of the Illegal Type. Sunflowmon knows they are the group of hero's fighting against Barbamon. Tsurugi reads Meramon's DP as 950. GeoGreymon goes to attack as his DP is 1777. He uses Horn Impulse and blows Meramon apart however he regenerates. He uses Mega Flame but Meramon sucks it in to make him grow. Meramon uses Magma Bomb. Gaomon tells GeoGreymon that although his DP is higher his compatability is the worst him being a flame. He then sees something on the left side of Meramon's chest.

Sunflowmon uses Sunshine Beam + the Raramon Nuts Shoot. Sunflowmon states that they won't let the heros die. Meramon uses his fire on them some of them turning to data. Gaomon runs at Meramon again but is hurt. Yuu is now crying he begins to shine. Tsurugi recognises the shine as Digisoul. Magmamon launches another Magma Bomb but it is blown away as Gaomon has evolved to Gaogamon with 1500 DP. The Raramon states something else too that Gaogamon has the 'Mu Symbol' as well the Beast Dragon Memory. Tsurugi realises that the headband of Gaomon was hiding the memory and that Yuu's Digimon is also Illegal. Yuu now appears to be in pain. Gaogamon states it is because of spontaneous discharge and that the Digisoul is swinging about in Yuu's body. He also knows his evolution is incomplete as part of his paw is disappearing already.

GeoGreymon allows Gaogamon to take the lead knowing that he doesn't really have much other choice and says that he is allowing Gaogamon to show off since it's his first appearance XD. Gaogamon uses Spiral Blow trapping Meramon in a fountain of water. Meramon uses Burning Fist. Gaogamon tells GeoGreymon to go for the Black Orb in Meramon's chest. GeoGreymon goes for that and when he punches it his DigiMemory reacts. We see part of a revolver arm*. GeoGreymon asks Tsurugi if he saw it (meaning the revolver). Tsurugi says it was an awesome punch. GeoGreymon thinks it was now just his imagination.

Meramon explains that the orb was Black Digicore and that it is an evil virus. Barbamon implanted and mind controlled him. He apologises for everything he has done. Yuu comes around after he lost consciousness. Ami tells him that he discharged Digisoul and then fell unconscious. Yuu tries to explain the Tsurugi the reason for leaving but Gaomon interupts saying that he didn't want to see Yuu get hurt so they got off Trailmon. Tsurugi understands but says they have to defeat Barbamon because Digimon will keep getting hurt with Barbamon still being around. Yuu sayins he's a coward and weakling and always ran from scary and unpleasent things but not now he will become stronger with Gaomon and he wants to fight Barbamon.

They all get on Trailmon (Sunflowmon, Raramon and Tama's of the fallen Digimon. They're heading to North Forest in which Tsurugi has been told it's a green paradise and he wonders what it's like. However we see dark smoke arising and destruction of some of the forest.
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