Battle 08 Sun Caravan

The army of Barbamon are all gathered (Commandramon, Sealsdreamon, Missimon, Bombmon and Tankdramon). Barbamon asks Black Knight what he thinks of his army. He replies it's magnificent. Barbamon knows Picocolomon has trying to protect the Digital World and his thinking is old fashioned. He asks if Digimon are beings that only exist to be kept by Tamers as pets. Shou says no that is incorrect. Barbamon then states that Shou is right they are living beings with rights to live on their own. The ones born under children are Digimon of convenience and thrown away when they get tired of them and that is the reason a lot of Aato Digimon have appeared. This is the reason he must make a new world in order to sever the bonds between humans and their Digimon. For this reason he states they must become gods or devils. Shou says that is incorrect and it is their duty to become devils much to the approval of the gathered Digimon. Barbamon agrees with this. The hope of the future of the Digimon lies within "Neo". He then tells Black Knight to go and gather the 8 Digi Memories. Shou then leaves the castle flying on Peckmon's back.

On the train Yuu and Tsurugi look at the 2 moons of the Digital World. Ami isn't impressed she thinks it's all a dream and wants to go home. Tsurugi tells he she can't so get over the fact that this isn't a dream and he doesn't know how to send her back. But at any rate once they defeat the Demon Lord he's sure they'll go back home. Ami says that may not be the case and she doesn't want anything to do with it. She needs to get home to look after her brother. Tsurugi asks Yuu if he wants to fight. Yuu says he's scared to fight. Ami asks Yuu about the operation he was to have over his weak heart. However Yuu stays he doesn't want to go back like she does because he is afraid to have the operaton and here in the Digital World he doesn't have to take medication and isn't in pain. Tsurugi asks Trailmon how long it will be until they get to Light City. He says he doesn't know as he moves at the will off the passengers. Tsurugi doesn't understand at all.

Tsurugi, Agu, Pichi and Ami all go to sleep. Gaomon tells Yuu if he wants to go now is the time. Yuu asks Trailmon to stop that he wants to get off and says that he isn't telling the others as it'll only worry them. They head off into the desert together.

In morning it's very hot Tsurugi is complaining over it. Ami comes in saying Yuu and Gaomon are gone. Tsurugi uses his will to get Trailmon to turn around when he finds out he knew that Yuu had gone. In the desert they are starting to get dehydration symptoms. Gaomon smells an Oasis and they make it there. The drink water and Gaomon uses his Rolling Upper to get a coconut from the tree. He takes his bandages off and he's healed the aid from the Digivice worked. Gaomon hears someone coming and to their suprise Raramon, Tanemon come into the water near them quite happily. Then Sunflowmon is suprised at the fact they have visitors (meaning Yuu + Gaomon). She says how she is leaer of the caravan. The desert used to be green land until a year ago when Barbamon took over the system world and distorted the climate. It turned the area into desert and many of their friends perished. They are the only ones left. Gaomon mutters "the Demon Lord again". Sunflowmon tells them they are heading to the North Forest and depending on AlturKabuterimon. Gaomon knows AlturKabuterimon is head of the North Forest.

Yuu asks Sunflowmon if he and Gaomon can travel with them. She says yes they can. He thanks her saying he's sure it's peaceful there and he could live in the Digital World forever. They then hear cries from the Tanemon. 3 PetitMeramon have turned up and are attack the Tanemon. Sunflowmon tells them PetitMeramon are a sign of death. Sunflowmon then says he is coming the one who turned the grassland into desert...Meramon. Meramon is hellbent on the destruction of the Oasis and toasts around it leaving the entire group in the water. Gaomon has to protect Yuu and attacks but Meramon's flame is too strong he is beaten back by Meramon.
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