Battle 07 VS Cannon Beemon
Waspmon has evolved to Cannon Beemon ready to take Agumon & Gaomon out. He uses his Sky Rocket Infinity attack causing them to make a quick run for it. Gaomon tells Agumon to go and free the others while he holds Cannon Beemon off knowing that Agumon needs Tsurugi's Digisoul to evolve. Agumon doesn't want to run from battle but ends up going anyway with Cannon Beemon sending the Fan Beemon after him leaving Gaomon behind. Gaomon knows that he can't win against a perfect level Digimon Cannon's DP is over 3000. He asks Cannon why Barbamon is massacaring Digimon. He is told it isn't a massacar but purification. Barbamon is to return the entire world to data in one sweep to clean it of the old Digimon to recreate a new Digital World. The ones raised in I-Land and the Commandments are the chosen ones. Gaomon now knows why Barbamon took over the Host Computer so that old Tamas can't return.

Gaomon gets hold of Tankdramon's tama. He tells Cannon Beemon that if he doesn't want his comrade destroyed then he is to release Tsurugi and Yuu. Cannon then accuses Gaomon of foul play and then fires at him destroyed the Tama in the process. Cannon Beemon didn't care he has a job to do. Gaomon then realises he can't move it's breaking up. Gaomon tells Cannon his objective isn't to beat Barbamon but to protect Yuu his Tamer. Cannon tells him so be it and opens all his containters and fires. Gaomon yells out to Agumon + Tsurugi asking them to take care of Yuu for him. As he lies hurt Tsurugi and the others make it back. Yuu cries over the breaking up Gaomon.

Cannon Beemon asks Agumon what happened to all the Fan Beemon in which he is told that they're all now back as DigiTamas. Cannon knows that 'Illegals' are dangerous and that Knight-Sama (Shou) can turn opponent's data into trash while Agumon can revert them back to Tamas. While Ami freaks over Cannon Beemon Tsurugi gives Agumon a Digisoul Charge and makes him evolve to Geo Greymon. Cannon Beemon is shocked over this as the Data given to him by Knight-Sama shows it should have just been a normal Greymon. Geo grabs hold of Cannon's bottom er Cannon but he reverts himself backwards in order to get into the sky where Mega Flame won't reach. Tsurugi then uploads a new Skill to Geo but while is doing so Cannon sends off his finisher Nitro Stinger. The upload is complete so Geo uses his new attack of Mega Burst. The attacks appear to be even but the Nitro starts to push back Mega Burst. Yuu states that Geo's DP is only 1777 but Tsurugi tells him that DP isn't everything. They both say together that they made Yuu cry and robbed him of his partner and they won't forgive him. The Mega Burst then totally trashes Cannon Beemon reverting him to a Tama.

Yuu is crying over the body of Gaomon. Agumon says he avenged for his 'Little Brother' a tear splashes onto Gao's nose. They treat him with the IC's heal and he looks like a mummy with a ton of bandages on. They take the Digitama into the IC to go with them to raise it so it doesn't turn into a Commandment. However as they walk away a FanBeemon is seen flying away too. In Barbamon's Castle the Fan Beemon has made his report and Barbamon is addressing his troops (a heck load of them too) with Shou close by with Peckmon. Barbamon tells them that the Illegal is holding the Dragon DigiMemory and that they must eliminate Tamer Tsurugi from the Digital World. This is followed up yelling from the Commandments in support of Barbamon.
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