Battle 06 - I-Land

Ami walks to the Battle Terminal. She sits in it plugs in her Digimon Mini and begins to disappear just like Tsurugi before her. On the Trailmon the gang are watching the world go by when Geo Greymon needs to go to the loo. They get Trailmon to slam on his breaks just in time as Geo has a huge poop which Tsurugi rapidly cleans up with the IC's cleaning function.

Gaomon scans Geogreymon with the IC to show his current DP level. It appears to be going down. Gaomon says that strength alone isn't determined by DP alone but by brains. Geo Greymon takes this as an offense causing him to chase Gaomon. This leads to Geo Greymon devolving to Agumon but with a slight difference of training bands on his hands. They decide to walk on a bit and find a funfair type place. Yuu sees a honeycomb of Digitamas and takes one from the case. This summons Waspmon who takes the egg and puts it back. While he is talking to the group the egg hatches to Botamon. It is explained that there are 2 types of Digitama - Natural and Aato. Aato being the Digitamas born to human children.

Tsurugi sends out a Digitama of Commandramon. Waspmon looks slightly hmphed and turns his back and gets them to follow him. Tsurugi thinks of all the Digimon that have been deleted. Waspmon then says about it all being Barbamon's fault Tsurugi is annoyed at the cruelty of him. They press on and are taken to tables of food and while Agumon eats the boys are taken to a room where they are promptly locked in. Agumon has eaten food himself while Gaomon drinks tea. They are suddenly fired upon by Waspmon who has a ton of Fan Beemon with him. The boys hammer on the door to get out. Yuu hears something further back in the room and they find Ami crying.

Outside the Fan Beemon attack while the 2 Digimons duck. Agumon tries to evolve but cannot. He is told by Waspmon it's because he hasn't got his Tamer. Gaomon realises that Agumon has to have Tsurugi's Digisoul to evolve. Agumon usees his Baby Burner but Waspmon easily avoids it. Waspmon then fires at Agumon and hits him directly. In the room the 3 talk and how Waspmon tricked the 2 boys and captured Ami. She asks Yuu how he is as in the real world he has a heart condtion. He says he's fine and that since arriving he hasn't been in pain. Back outside Agumon is hurt but still has fight in him. Suddenly Tsurugi's IC goes off and Waspmon shines. He evolves into Cannon Beemon and is ready to take the Digimon out.
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