Battle 05 - Yuu and Gaomon
In Barbamon's castle Missimon brings him the Holy Digimemory. Shou congratulates Barbamon on the achievement as he now has 3. When he has all 8 he can recreate the world. He tells Shou that Sealsdramon has severed contact and this worries him. He thinks it's something to do with the Illegal Tamer. Shou knows that Tsurugi is now in the Digital World.

On the Trailmon, Tsurugi and Agumon are still on the way to Light City to meet with another overseer Digimon to help them. Tsurugi is thinking of the Digital World and how it's similar to reality. Agumon is hungry. Tsurugi asks Trailmon if any food is sold but he is informed that he doesn't do food. Agumon spots a town on the other side of the forest. Tsurugi and Agumon get Trailmon to take them to the village even though he warns them they will be late in getting to Light City. Trailmon arrives at Middle Town where they find it in ruins. Trailmon tells them Barbamon's troops did this. Agumon asks Tsurugi for food. He goes in his pockets and brings out the Digivice IC and finds data for food. He and Agumon then eat. Gaomon then arrives seeing that the IC brought food and wants to see it. Gaomon then runs off with it.

In the real world Ami and Tooru meet Assistant Inspector Inui who is another of their friends father. He knows of Tsurugi's disappearance and tells them that his son Yuu has disappeared too while playing the Net Game at home. Back in Middle Town Gaomon gives the IC to a boy. Agumon and Tsurugi come to pay a visit to get the IC back. Agumon tracked Gaomon by scent. Tsurugi recognises the boy as Yuu. As Agumon and Gaomon argue the boys say hello etc to each other. Gaomon says that the boundary is wavering. Tsurugi tells Yuu to come with him but he says no as he's weak and would only get in the way. They then hear a loud explosion. Gaomon tells them it's one of the Commandments and they're trashing the village to get at Yuu. Tankdramon is his name, perfect, machine type of Virus attribute. He starts to blast all around taking out hiding Digimon.

Tsurugi yells at Tankdramon to stop and asks why he's hurting other Digimon like himself. Tankdra tells him because it's Barbamon-Sama's orders and then fires at more Digimon with is Blast Gattling. Tsurugi then gets annoyed and produces Digi-Soul. Gaomon recognises it for what it is. Agumon then releases Baby Burner but it just bounces off Tankdramon. He then releases Striper Cannon but luckily he misses. Tsurugi knows if they take a hit they're toast. Yuu aks Tsurugi to escape because they are no match be he won't. Tsurugi's Digi Soul starts to charge up so the IC takes it causing Agumon to evolve (and his illegal symbol showing 1+0's) to Geo Greymon a sub species of Greymon Adult level but with power of almost a Perfect. Tsurugi is surprised at the power. Geo Greymon shows him his left arm. They hold the Dragon Digi Memory.

Tankdramon says Geo Greymon is unusual and this is the first time he's seen one. He then says he'll take the Digi Memory once he's defeated him. He releases Striper Cannon but Geo Greymon stops it with his hand/claws and throws it back. Yuu tells Tsurugi that a Tanks weak points is the top armour. Tankdramon sees the plan and aims at Geo Greymon. Yuu asks Gaomon to help. Gao uses his Double Backhand taking the aim away from Geo Greymon who then uses his Horn Impulse taking down Tankdramon. Tsurugi thanks Yuu for the strategy in defeating Tankdramon. Tsurugi, Yuu, Gaomon and GeoGreymon head to the Trailmon. We then see Trailmon on the move. "However the two share a great secret..."
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