Battle 3 Greymon VS Peckmon
The cloaked character recognises Peckmon. Saitou tells Ami that the Hacker interupts battles regardless of the rules and the Digimon become Trash Data. Tsurugi is annoyed that the hacker deleted a Digimon in the middle of his match. The Hacker and Peckmon both know Greymon is an Illegal type. Tsurugi spots the same mark that Greymon has on Peckmon. With a point of his arm the Hacker orders Peckmon to eliminate Greymon. Greymon dodges his attack so Peckmon uses Thousand Beak that almost makes it seem there are many Peckmon to attack. Greymon uses Mega Flame to get rid of the Clone Peckmon. The real one is protected by a light coming from his marking. The hacker informs that only abnormal (illegal) have the power of protect as well as others that he doesn't tell him. Greymon tries many times to break the barrier with Mega Flame. The cloaked guy says Tsurugi wont be able to break but protect but his Greymon manages to do it. The Hacker now has more reason to make him disappear as he was able to improve in such a short space of time. Peckmon uses Kunai Feathers in which it is picked up on that is what deleted Raremon. He doesn't aim at the duo but around them to destroy the battle program in order to freeze Greymon. He orders Peckmon to use his finisher Spiral Claw which he does. Greymon is now being deleted. The Hacker says Tsurugi is next for the sake of purifying the Digital World. The cloaked dude steps in front and executes transmission transfer. The duo disappear and have got away.

Ami is now in the real world with her bro and the other kid. Tsurugi's body is no longer in his seat. It is though that the game pulled him in. He is at the station where Kuwagamon attacked and he sees Agumon (complete with marking) out cold on the floor. He is truly flesh and blood now. The cloaked guy transferred Tsurugi from the Real World to the Digital World. He tells Tsurugi they need to go as they are being looked for. Tsurugi wants to know who he is. He guesses that he is Shou but he reveals himself as Piccolomon. He tells Tsurugi that this is no longer the game world. A train is coming and we find that it is a Trailmon. They are going to get on it. The hacker is talking to some screens (sound only) he is ordered to the castle of the thing he is talking to with Battle Records. The transmission is ended. The Hacker says that even in this world Tsurugi is an obstruction and then reveals himself as Shou.
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