Battle 01 - Welcome to the Digimon Net Game!!
A Digimon network is across the world joining Tamers together. A disaster is about to awaken but no-one is prepared for what is about to come. In the Light District 1st town 2 boys are battling with their Digimon Minis, Greymon v Garurumon. The Greymon wins and belongs to a boy called Tsurugi Tatsuno a good tamer and a soccer ace for his team. Some of his friends tell him to try the Net Battle where he can Battle Tamers from all over the world. He isn't exactly keen so he gets dragged to the Digimon Battle Terminal. He is put into a chair and a VR Helmet placed on his head where he makes up his character self - this is where he gets his Goggleboy image. He connects his Digimon Mini and is sent to the Virtual World.

He meets up with his Greymon that he raised and is well pleased until the Greymon poops and he has to clean it up and he complains it stinks. When done they head to a door where they see Garurumon v Ogremon, Devimon v Angemon, Patamon v Plotmon, Tankmon v Togemon. Tsurugi is egar to battle and agrees to a match with Saitou a 27yr old Elvis impersonator freak Tamer. Saitou also has a Greymon with 1 modification it is massive the size of a proper Greymon. Saitou takes the mic out of Tsurugi's Greymon which annoys Tsurugi. Saitou orders his Greymon to use his power however Tsurugi's Greymon is too quick and uses his speed to attack and leads up to him using his Mega Flame to win.

At the doorway we see a hooded one who has been watching and he is pleased as he's finally found it. When back in the real world we find out Tsurugi won another 5 battles and was told his Greymon is very unusual. Tsurugi leaves his friends and goes to a loo where a Kuwagamon attacks him drawing blood. Tsurugi's Digimon Mini shines and Kuwagamon is defeated. Greymon has now appeared in the Real World and so it has begun.

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