Chapter 14 - Miraculous Ending
Death-X attacks again and starts to suck up the Digital World. We see BabyII digimon running and being turned to data. The Digiworld is rapidly becoming nothingness. Alpha says he can only slow it not stop it. Teru then arrives with Duke and Magnamon another of the Knights however Duke tells the kids to go home but Hikaru refuses saying he can't leave. Teru and Masuken also say they will stay to save the Digital World. Magna says he'll help them fight and releases the Power of Miracles which then hits the kids. Masuken wishes for Ouryuu to revive, Teru for Agumon to evolve and Hikaru for them to go to the real world when everything is over.Ouyruu does revive and becomes Alpha's Ultimate Battle Blade. Alpha activates Miracle Stage and attacks Death-X who reminds us of his merging with the Digiworld so he can't die so Alpha reveals he is going to purify him instead of destroying him. Teru comes speeding up saying Agu did indeed evolve to Omekamon. Together they purify him and seal him away once again in the core. Everything starts to return to normal and Digimon being reborn. The kids can now go back home as this is needed for the Digiworld to really return to normal but it's noted Hikaru's body is still the same. Masuken goes first, Hikaru gives Teru his goggles saying for him to take care of them and pushes him through, Masuken + Teru then realise Hikaru isn't going back. In the real world Kiyoshi, Masuken and Teru cry for Hikaru not being able to return however we then see Hikaru meeting up with the dudes saying his wish did come true with the Power of Miracles.
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