Chapter 6: Battle of Courage
The spirits of the lake go attack Teru who is just scared rigid. Hikaru wants to go down to him but MameTyramon tells them if they do the test is failed + he will eat the kids O.o Hikaru gives Mame a load of food and it is gone in seconds. Hikaru is getting annoyed with Mame who then tells Hikaru to make it bigger with his energy spheres. Masuken then catches on to what Mame is doing...trying to train Hikaru so he tells him to do it. Hikaru can't concentrate so Mame puts how Teru is doing on screen...which is not good. Hikaru shouts into the lake calling Teru a coward. Hikaru has done one giant energy sphere while yelling and sends it to the meat making it go huge much to Masuken's suprise. Teru breaks free saying he isn't a coward. Masuken then guessed that Mame knew of Hikaru's ability. The spirits then go cowardly and say they were forced into doing it. Teru demands to know where the treasure is they answer at the bottom of the lake but he shouldn't go there. We soon find out why when MegaSeadramon appears not wanting to let go of his treasure so lightly. MegaSeadra launches an attack and Agumon saves Teru with a split moment left. Agumon tells Teru to run but he won't Agumon will fight with Teru as another blast just misses. Using his digivice to produce a sphere Agumon pumps up but the attack doesn't do anything. MegaSeadra hits Agumon knocking him back. The spirits then save Teru sacrificing themselves. (Were the not already dead?). Teru gets mad and produces a bigger sphere this time as he attacks again. Agumon evolves to Greymon beats MegaSeadra with his Nova Flame. Teru + Agumon resurface with the treasure but someone else surfaces with him. GigaSeadramon 'MegaSeadramon's Brother'
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