Card Alpha&Battle Terminal
English Cards
Misc Cards

Sheet 1: Card Alpha&Battle Terminal

Battle Terminal £10 for all
Guilmon DM-002
Aquilamon DM-024
Mammon DM-029
Bantyo Leomon DM-054

Digimon Card Alpha PROMOS
GeoGreymon SP-001 £3.00
MachGaogamon SPa-004 £3.00

Download LTP-001 £10 for full LTP set
Illegal LTP-002
Escape LTP-003
Gamble LTP-004
Reverse LTP-005

Digimon Card Alpha #2 £20.00
All on that list minus Da-117

Digimon Card Alpha #3 £20.00
All on that list minus Da-236 Da-239 Da-242 Da-251 Da-252

Digimon Card Alpha Evolve File £20.00
All on that list minus DA 275, Oa39 OP42

Digimon Card Alpha #4 £20.00
All on that list minus Da-312, 317, Da-321 to Da-323 and Da-328, Da-329, Da-332

Sheet 2: English Cards

English Trading Cards Set 1 Complete £10.00
Click here for the list (All cards have secondary holos)

English Trading Cards Set 2 - Complete £10.00
Click here for the list

D-Tector Cards
£17 for them all
(The only hybrid i have on this list is DT67) all normals cards are there.

Sheet 3: Misc Cards

V-Jump Super Digica Taisen Promos - £15 for them all
Shoutmon DP-01
Ballistamon DP-02
Shoutmon X4 DP-08
Shoutmon X5 DP-13
MetalGreymon DP-14
Shoutmon X4 DP-19
DeckerGreymon DP-20

Digimon Adventure Japanese Trading Cards Set 1 - Complete
Click for the List

Digimon Adventure Puzzle Cards
(Each set had 9 cards to make a big picture of the chosen and their Digimon)
Set 2: Yamato and Digimon (NOT Complete 10, 11, 12, 15 to 18)
Set 6: Mimi And Digimon (Complete 46-54)

Savers Cards £7.00 for the whole lot
SP1 Agumon

SP3 Lalamon

SP5 Kudamon

SP8 GeoGreymon

SP11 Peckmon

SP13 MachGaogamon

SP15 Touma

SP17 Masaru, Touma, Yoshino + Partners #1

Sp18 Masaru, Touma, Yoshino + Partners #2

01 Agumon

02 Gaomon

05 Gaogamon

07 Kudamon

09 PawnChessmon

12 Flymon

13 Meramon

14 Numemon

16 Digmon

17 Garurumon(Black)

20 Touma

23 Yushima

26 Agumon Attacks

27 Greymon Attacks #1

28 Greymon Attacks #2

31 Gaomon Attacks

32 Gaogamon Attacks

34 Lalamon Attacks #1

35 Lalamon Attacks #2

37 Masaru

39 Masaru

40 Touma

41 Touma

43 Yoshino

Click for the List

Additional Savers Cards £5.00 for the whole lot
Agumon Chip Card

Gaomon Chip Card

Lalamon Chip Card




Yoshino and Lalamon

Agumon, GeoGreymon, Masaru

Agumon and Masaru

Touma and Gaomon



MirageGaogamon Burst