Digimon Savers the Movie - Ultimate Power! Burst Mode Invoke!!

It is raining on Agumon. He cries out to Masaru, who is asleep in a cocoon. Thorny vines cover the entire city, which is in ruins. All the humans are trapped, asleep in cocoons. Agumon clenches his fist as he cannot do anything to wake Masaru up. Gaomon and Raramon arrive. Gaomon says that they must save the world themselves. Agumon cries and says that he is helpless without aniki.

A girl appears across the street from them. Goblinmon chase after her and then Ogremon attacks her but Agumon saves her. Gaomon start to punch the Goblinmon. Agumon joins in the fight as Raramon leads the girl to safety. Agumon then fights Ogremon. Raramon and the girl are in a restaurant. The Goblinmon enter and briefly knocks Raramon out. The girl tries to avoid the Goblinmon as long as possible. Raramon wakes up and attacks the Goblinmon, using sausages as nunchucks. Agumon defeats Ogremon just as Raramon and Gaomon are defeating their opponents. The team starts to eat the sausages. Agumon asks the girl who she is and she says that her name is Rhythm. She says that she was being chased by Argomon's minions. Argomon is a perfect level digimon trying to take over the world and he cannot be allowed to catch her. An entire army of Goblinmon shows up and starts to chase them. They arrive at the docks and take over a boat there. Raramon asks Rhythm if she is a digimon and she says that she is, but isn't as strong as him.

Rhythm explains that she tried to stop Argomon from using his cursed vines to put the city to sleep but she wasn't strong enough. The boat comes upon a building covered in thorns and vines. Rhythm says that it is Argomon's castle. Rhythm says that they cannot win against Argomon but the other digimon say that they have to at least try. The Goblinmon army tries to stop them from proceeding but Gaomon holds them off so the others can go forward. Raramon flies Rhythm and Agumon up to the top but they are first attacked by bat like digimon. Raramon holds them off so the two can reach the top and Argomon. They reach the top where vines grab Agumon. Argomon smiles and tells them that the humans are the bad guys for being greedy and destroying the environment. The annihilation of humans is inevitable. He continues and says that the actions of humans are destroying the Digital World. Agumon says that humans are good too and he wants Argomon to wake them all up. Argomon shocks him. Rhythm tells Argomon to stop and he does.

Rhythm thinks of the digimon she has met and their love for humans. She tells Argomon to stop and tells him that humans have good within them too. Argomon shocks her with his vines. Agumon breaks free and then frees Rhythm. Agumon uses his baby flame attack and the vines around Argomon catch on fire. The vines turn brown and die all around the city. There is a huge fire and Argomon falls. He says that they are now past the point of forgiveness. An egg forms around Argomon and hundreds of eyes appear on it. Argomon's ultimate form hatches out. Agumon and Rhythm jump off of the building and debris lands on them. Agumon says that he is out of strength and closes his eyes.

Masaru's voice wakes him up. Masaru is there and punches Argomon. Agumon evolves to ShineGreymon and gains the Geo Grey Sword for the battle. ShineGreymon and Argomon are fighting now. Argomon is still too strong and destroys the GeoGreySword. Argomon blasts ShineGreymon and drives him to his knees. Masaru says that humans can change and realize their mistakes, it is called evolution. His digivice is glowing and Rhythm grabs a hold of it with Masaru and calls out to Agumon. ShineGreymon evolves to Burst Mode and blocks Argomon's attack. ShineGreymon Burst Mode knocks Argomon over with his attack and then slices him with his sword. Argomon is defeated and the city returns to normal.

Rhythm is holding onto Argomon's digitama. She is going back to the Digital World to tell them that not all humans have evil hearts. She thanks Agumon for giving her the courage to fight Argomon. Agumon asks if he they will see each other again. Rhythm makes him close his eyes and tells him to envision a world where digimon and humans live together. She then kisses Agumon. She says goodbye to Agumon and tells him that she loves him.

At the very end we see quite a few amusing out takes!

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