- The Movie was Called Runaway Locomon - The Frontier Theme was used for the movie!
- Jeri was voiced by Philece Sampler
- Riley was voiced by Philece Sampler
- Marineangemon was voiced by Mona Marshall
- Loomon was voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

-Some of the biomerge was cut
-The impaling of Parismon by Gallantmon was cut

Digimon Tamers/Reckless Driving, Digimon Super-Express (Movie 6)

Ruki is on the phone to Takato she is rather annoyed with him for keeping something from her but is interupted by a train zooming past the station it's a digimon. Takato and Guilmon go to the station. Guilmon has to digivolved to Growlmon to fight Locomon a train type Digimon. Takato soon sends Guilmon off to find Lee + the others for help. Shuricon + Lee (with their Digimon) are at a different train station. They find they cannot get on a train and have to go back. They end up walking. Ruki and Renamon realise something is wrong and they go to investigate

Shuricon + Lee are still walking when they see a Digital Field. They go to investigate it. The scene cuts to Yamaki and his 2 assistants who now know about what is goin on. Ruki + Renamon arrive to help Takato out (he is on Locomon)

Guilmon finds Hirokazu + Kenta. He tells them of Takato being on Locomon. Ruki and Renamon help Takato try and stop Locomon. Then Beelzebumon turns up but gets hit. Yamaki tells the tech people to start shifting the tracks to stop Locomon. Hirokazu, Kenta and Guilmon meets with Shuricon + Lee. Guardromon helps out with the moving of tracks. Yamaki gets word of the kids being on Locomon and tries to get them to get off but with no luck.

Ruki goes into a sort of trance after trying to stop the train. Ruki is with her father and they sing a song of how they'll be together forever (her father left her mother for some reason) she begins to sing again in real time. Takato thinks she has a great voice. The reason for Ruki being so tomboyish and wears the broken heart t-shirt also becomes clear with this. It is because of her fathers promise but he broke it and never did see her again. They all end up stopping Locomon but find that Parisaimon is controlling him. Ruki is still in her past (Parisaimon is controlling her thoughts) she attacks Renamon and tries to attack Takato but is eventually brought back to herself when Guilmon arrives and stops the Parismon controlling her.

Locomon digivolves to GrandLocomon. Takato + Guilmon biomerge to Dukemon to try and stop him. They all realise that Parisaimon want to invade the real world with more of his kind. Lee and Ruki with their Digis biomerge to SaintGalgomon + Sakuyamon and go to stop him breaking through the Digital Field. Justimon also arrives on the scene as does Beelzebumon again. Dukemon is getting beat but Takato's determination makes Dukemon go to Crimson Mode. They go into the field and trash all the Parismon. Grandlocomon devolves back to normal and goes into the field back to the DW before it closes.

It is Ruki's birthday and a party had been organised (Ruki knew thus being annoyed at Takato). Shuricon is singing on the karaoke when she is done Hirokazu tries to get Ruki to sing but she won't and leaves the party to be alone. Her mother then sings in her place

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