Changes/Random Info:
- The Movie was Called The Battle of Adventures - The Frontier Theme was used for the movie!
- Yuri Lowenthal - Kai
- Tom Wyner - Seasarmon
- Stephanie Sheh - Minami
- Richard Epcar - Mephistomon/Galfmon
- Labramon - Richard Cansino

-The play in water scene with Takato, Kai, Guilmon, and Culumon where "Tomodachi no Umi was cut

In a digital space, Omnimon battled Mephismon in order to put an end to his plots to destroy the world. But during the middle of the battle, Mephismon ripped a hole in the fabric of space and escaped to another dimension...

Meanwhile in the real world, Takato was planning to visit his cousin Kai in Okinawa for the summer. At first Takato wasn't that interested in going, but after playing with Kai and Guilmon in the ocean for a while, he began to enjoy the great outdoors of Okinawa.

It was then that Takato and the others saved Minami, a young girl who was being chased by wild Digimon. Takato began to worry about why Digimon were appearing in the real world. But at the same time Rika and Renamon were also fighting Digimon who had appeared in Tokyo...

It turned out that Minami was running away from VP Laboratories, the company that produced a popular pet software caleld V Pet. Minami's dad, Takehito, was a programmer for VP Laboratories and the creator of V Pet. Sensing that there was some sort of plot involved with V Pet, Takehito had entrusted Minami with his notebook computer. Apparently the Digimon who were chasing Minami were after the data contained in the computer...

The original V Pet program was on that computer. Originally Takehito had made V Pet in order to console his daughter after her beloved dog Mei died in the ocean. But Minami couldn't see the V Pet as replacement for Mei and blamed herself for Mei's death. Takato tried to cheer Minami up, but...

It was decided that for the time being Minami would hide out at Kai's house. But Digimon attacked her there, too. Wagering his pride as a Tamer, Takato stood up against the onslaught of Digimon. In the midst of the fight, a single Digimon appeared from Minami's computer. It was Shiisamon a Digimon who had come from the V Pet program. Trying to protect Minami, Shiisamon fought side by side with Takato and Guilmon. But Minami was surrounded by the enemy Digimon and they abducted her!

Then V Pets all around the country began to run wild and cause problems in their computers. All of Japan was in a panic as Digimon began materialising in the real world!

In order to rescue Minami, Takato and the others headed to the Laboratories. They defeated all of the digimon who had attacked them and managed to sneak into VP Laboratories and rescue Minami and her father, Takehito. But then Tamashiro, blocked their way. As it turned out, Tamashiro was really a human form taken on by Mephismon!

Meanwhile both Rika, who was still in Tokyo, and Henry, who had also come to Okinawa were also fighting the Digimon who kept attacking. Then they both heard a voice requesting help.

The voice was Omnimon who was chasing after Mephismon. Led by Omnimon, Rika and Henry headed for Takato in Okinawa!!

Mephismon's plot was to conceal Digimon data within the V Pets like a virus and have it disseminate and destroy the world. Minami's dad, Takehito, realised what was happening and created Labramon, the V Pet on the computer he gave to Minami. Labramon digivolved to Shiisamon

Mephismon's power caused Shiisamon to turn back into Labramon. Takato and Growlmon, who had digivolved, continued to fight against Mephismon, but they were no match for him! Mephismon laughed, saying that because of the Digimon scattered around the world, humanity would be destroyed. But just then, Omnimon arrived, bringing with him Rika and Henry!!

The three Tamers were finally together and they joined their strength to stand against Mephismon. But it was a losing battle, Growlmon, Gargomon, and Kyuubimon's attacks weren't doing any damage!

Then Growlmon was wounded trying to protect Minami. Minami drew close to Growlmon crying out Mei's name. That was the keyword to the vaccine program built into Labramon. Flying up in a shower of light, Labdramon deleted one by one the Digimon running wild across the country.

It looked as if Mephismon had been defeated by the combined attack of Growlmon and the others. But he digivolved into Galfmon, a Mega, and began attacking once again! Growlmon and the others digivolved to Ultimate, into Wargrowlmon, Rapidmon, and Taomon. The three Ultimate Digimon concentrated their strength and finally managed to defeat Galfmon!!

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