Dub Movie Stuff

- Blooper - Imperialdramon announced himself as Fighter Mode when he was in Dragon Mode
- Blooper - When all of the Kuramon enter the real world, a voice says, "Attention all Kuramon,regroup at the rendez-vous point." This voice sounded like, and was supposed to be Diaboromon, but he had just been killed by Omnimon :p

- The Frontier Theme was used for the movie!
- They used the Japanese Digimon Adventure 02 Logo
- Tai wasn't voiced by Joshua Seth but by Jason Spisak
- Patamon was done by Bridget Hoffman
- Gabumon was Jeff Nimoy
- Hawkmon was Jeff Nimoy

-The sign on the door to the computer lab originally had a lot of Japanese writing. They edited this to display the hand-written words, "Computer Room".
-Armageddemon speaks in the dub In the original he doesn't only growly sounds
-Cut Scene of Imperialdramon Paladin Mode sticking his sword into Armageddemon's head + replaced it with a shot of Davis yelling (yet in Movie 3 they showed Omnimon sticking his sword in Diaboromon's head)
-After Armageddemon is killed and the Kuramon are returned, Yolei emails Izzy to tell him. In the dub, they took out all of the Japanese writing on Yolei's email, so basically all we saw was a picture of her and a blank screen.

Original Movie Review:
There's a disaster in the real world! Kuramon have used e-mail to gain access to computer monitors and cell phone screens and have appeared in the real world. This was the plot of Diaboromon, the Internet Digimon who was thought to have been destroyed by Taichi and Yamato. Having confirmed this, Koushiro laid out a plan for Taichi and Yamato to enter the Internet and, along with the Digimon, strike directly at the source, Diaboromon. Meanwhile Daisuke, Ken, Miyako, Hikari, Takeru and Iori, along with their Digimon went around Tokyo collecting all the Kuramon who had appeared.

While Davis and the others were busy capturing the Kuramon, Taichi and Yamato went inside the net and arrived at the source of the problems. Agumon and Gabumon digivolved into Omegamon and began to battle Diaboromon. During the fight, Hikari, Angewomon, Takeruk and Angemon arrived to help out. They continued to battle the hordes of Kuramon and finally defeated Diaboromon! Or so they thought. But just then more hordes of Kuramon appeared! Not only that, but the horde flowed out into the real world and headed straight for the beach at Odaiba! Daisuke Ken, Miyako, and Iori, headed for Odaiba!!

Diaboromon had taken into account the fact that he might be defeated and had sent the Kuramon into the real world as a trap. Because of the huge amount of Kuramon Tokyo had pretty much stopped functioning... Hearing of that, many children began to head for Odaiba.

The Kuramon covered the water in the harbour and before Miyako and Iori's eyes, they began to merge inti a digitama which hatched into Armagemon. There was too much data for it to be returned to the Internet... Taichi and Yamato came back from the Net and battled Armagemon, but in the face of his overwhelming strength, Omegamon became unable to fight after losing both his arms. Daisuke and Ken joined them. Their digimon evolve to Imperialdramon FM and began to fight Armagemon!

It was a hard battle for Imperialdramon. But the hearts of the kids didn't give up, and a miracle occured. Omegamon's body began to glow and a Holy Ring appeared, and he began to transform into a giant sword! Imperialdramon FM takes it and mode changes to his new form Paladin Mode. With this sword filled with everyone's strength, Imperialdramon PM was able to demolish Armagemon!!

Afterwards, his body once again dissolved into countless Kuramon, but the many children there were able to catch them with their cell phones. The belt of light enfolded the Kuramon and began to rise up to the sky and taking them out for good.

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