First Part of The Movie
Kari is narrating. It happens 8 years ago Tai has been to the loo. Kari is at the computer of their dad suddenly a Digiegg comes out. Tai goes back to bed. When he awakens when his mum calls him cause she's going out he thinks it was a dream until he sees Kari asleep holding the digiegg. When Tai is cooking even though he's little, Kari drops the egg and it hatches to Botamon.

Botamon is scared and blows bubbles at Tai and Kari to the tune of digimon. Tai goes out of the room to answer the phone, it turns out to be Sora, who's angry that he was sick in her hat and never told her. When Tai re-enters the room Botamon has digivolved to Koromon after Kari feeds him sweets. He also messes on the floor. Kari gets Meko's bowl of catfood and lets Koromon eat it. Meko gets mad and scratches Koromon and Tai. Later Koromon digivolves to Agumon, but Agumon is huge not like Tai's Agumon. With Kari on his back, Agumon explores the city and starts a rampage.

He can't talk. Then another digiegg hatches and reveals Parrotmon. Agumon digivolves to Greymon and can talk again. During the battle we see the other Digidestined watching and cheering. Parrotmon is strong and Greymon is hurt. Tai and Kari cry to get him back up and Kari tries to blow her whistle but she is exhausted. Tai takes a deep breath and blows hard on Kari's whistle. This revies Greymon at the last moment. Moments later the digimon disappear and Kari is left calling her friend Greymon.

The Original Movie Differences:
- Taichi is Narrator
- Added chase egg scene around the living room table, Taichi also catches the egg with a chair
- More Hikari + Botamon Bubble scene, other children see bubbles outside
- More Miko + Koromon fight, Koro trying to hide
- Some kids realising electical problems
- Their dad comes home drunk as Koro evolves - mum telling him off
- Taichi searching for Hikari - on bridge where he sees fire balls
- More kids see Parrotmon's egg forming
- More Agumon v Parrotmon
- More Greymon v Parrotmon - Parrots left wing totaled/falling feathers, Greymon's horn through Parrotmon's beak
- Ending of Taichi + Greymon with Butterfly playing

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