Kentaro Kamon
He's a boy who isn't interested in Digimon. He's a bit violent, and has a trauma with fire because of when he was a child he was saved by a dog from a burning building. His partner is Bunomon (who can only say "mukyu") He and Makoto train Bun and Kentaro beats Shinichiro.

Makoto Abe
Makoto is cheerful and loves Digimon. Is the greatest Tamer in his school, and he has a Greymon that is strong. After losting a battle to Shinichiro (who destroys his V-Pet) he supports Kentaro in his training. He have a Hologram Machine that made possible for Bunomon to exist outside of the V-Pet Game. He does get a new V-:Pet

Shinichiro Josaki
Shinichiro is the son of the millionarie owner of Josaki Electronicals. He wants to be the biggest Tamer with his powerful Digimon, Deathmon, a Digimon who can change his shape to any Digimon he has deleted. Shinichiro likes to destroy the V-Pet of their challengers, killing the Digimon inside. However he gets a real lesson in Digimon battling when Kentaro defeats him.

C'mon Digimon

A boy and Shinchiro are having a Digimon Battle. After beating the kid Shinchiro destroys the kids V-Pet.

Makoto is battling with a kid in his class. His Greymon defeats the Seadramon. When the other kids leave he sees Kentaro and remembers him beating someone up ;p. Makoto follows Kentaro and sees he has a V-Pet. Makoto uses a machine to bring Kentaros Digimon to life. It is a Bunomon called Bun. Kentaro freaks at this.

Sometime later Kentaro seems to be thinking when he sees the Josaki (Shinchiros Dads company) van he enters to see Makoto haslost to Shinchiro. When Makoto won't hand over his V-Pet Shinchiros guards takes it and punches Kentaro away. The V-Pet is then destroyed much to the heartbreak of Makato. Kentaro gets peeved and i think challenges Shinchiro but they don't battle just yet.

Kentaro + Makoto train the real Bun until he is ready to fight. Bun battles bravely and we find that a dog saves Kentaro from a fire made by a cigarette when he was younger. Kentaro seems to get over his fear of fire and Bun goes on to beat Shinchiros Deathmon.

We then see Kentaro + Makoto having a Digimon Battle with their V-Pets (seems Makoto got a new one)

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