Hungarian Dub -

The hungarian dub of the first season is really bad, 02 is worse, but Tamers is very good. Next saturday will be the 10th episode. The intro and the ending is the Japanese Version, the names are the german dub names (Same as the US Version *vande*), Renamon has a female voice, but the last episode they changed it, and we don't know if he/she is a male or a female ^^" It sounds great, but... In the 3 episode, Rika said, Gargomon is a Rookie, the 6th episode was 100% japanese, and they didn't played the 8th episode.

German Dub -

If I remember correctly, Digimon Adventure started airing here in 2000. Then 02 a year later 2001 *Didn't get cut*, Tamers spring 2002 *Didn't get cut* Frontier will start here on February 16th this year. The whole dub is based on the Japanese version, except the names which are mostly taken from the US dub. The opening videos are the same as their first Japanese counterparts, the endings are cut-down ~20sec versions (Tamers and Frontier) or not shown at all (Adventure and 02). The show airs in Germany on RTL2 and Fox Kids Germany the soundtrack is made by Toyco. The evolutions are called "Digitation" which also comes from "Evolution". The only exception I know, where the US term was not used, was the "Biomerge" in Tamers "Tamer-Matrix-Digitation" (would be "Tamer Matrix Digivolution" in english) here.

Phillapino Dub (

Jeri's name was Jen, Kazu's was Kyle and Kenta's was Ken. Most of it were still from the Japanese and Ryo's voice was kinda...well...high.And Rika's voice was sort of low and Henry's was less *scratchy*. Calumon always said Calu calu at the end of his sentences and his voice was really high. Also, they had the Japanese entrances with the sound and background pictures and everything but different episodes.

Adventure 01 was first broadcast on TVI in 2000 and then on SIC in 2001. Recently, it's being broadcast by a portuguese cable channel. Adventure 02 and the Tamers were broadcast by SIC and Frontier has not been announced yet. The dubbing of the first season wasn't very good, especially in the first episode in which some of the chosen children`s lines were mixed up and making any sense. But the voices, in general, match perfectly on any caracter of the 3 series. All 3 seasons are mainly based on the japanese version. Actually the first season was, somehow, a mix of the spanish, english and japanese version. Don`t ask me why, but you got to admit it that didn´t stop it to be the most succesful of the 3 seasons in Portugal.

Brazilian Dub
Digimon Adventure:
This brazilian dub was very well done in my opinion. The dubbing company didn't cut or edit any scene from any episode. The voice actors performed beautifully with lots of emotion, and the voices are quite similar to the styles of the original japanese actors. There was always an unknown narrator who gave the recap of the previous episode, along with the descriptions of the Digimon that appear (when their data appeared on screen). The original footage of the opening was kept, although they dubbed it with a portuguese song based on the american Digimon opening. The 1st ending, I Wish, aired along with the first 13 episodes or so, and for the rest they created an instrumental ending song, again, based on the american Digimon opening, with footage of the evolutions. The original background music from the OSTs was kept, as well as the evolution song Brave Heart. The Digimon names vary: the vast majority of them kept their original japanese names (i.e: AtlurKabuterimon, HolyAngemon, Tailmon etc.), and a few others had the american names (i.e: Myotismon, Pumpkinmon, etc.). Also, they decided to use the american names of the children. The only other american trace is the fact that the Digimon say "[name] digivolves to..." instead of "evolve". Despite these few differences, you really get to see the anime the way the japanese wanted us to see it: the dubbed lines follow practically word for word what the original script was. To sum up, this season was extremely faithful to its japanese version, aside from the opening and ending, and a few of the names.

Digimon Adventure 02: The second season was basically done in the same way as the first. Nothing cut, original music and OSTs, original footage (although with the same portuguese opening as the first season) and most of the original names, with exception of the children again. All of the voice actors of season one were kept, with the exception of Gabumon's. The unknown narrator continued the same way. This time they used the Ashita wa Atashi no Kaze Ga footage throughout the whole season with the portuguese music. One awkward, but somewhat necessary change, was that armor evolution was called "hyper evolution" because of the portuguese language (" armadura digivolve para..." doesn't make any sense in the language). Again, the dubbed dialogue remains very accurate, as well as the voice actors who continued to portray their characters similarly to the japanese actors.

Digimon Tamers: Now this season was even more true to the original version: they actually kept the original song and video of The Biggest Dreamer for the opening for the entire season. This time, all the names used were the japanese ones, including the children's (with the exception of Juri, who was called Kato). The narrator is still the same. But when they slash their cards through the Digivice, they used the american line "Digimodify". Even though the season was quite dark, they still didn't edit anything out.

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