Review by Kazemon
Junior and his friends Teddy and Ivy just logged into “Digimon Online”, and got their starter digimon, but wait! Something goes wrong and the trio of friends all end up stuck online. This is the beginning of Digimon World 3, the third installment of the “Digimon World” series for the Playsation 1. You must control Junior, and get to the bottom of this mess essentially. Now, starting off, you have an option of choosing starter packs. This option is pretty neat, considering in Digimon World 1 you only started out with Gabumon or Agumon, and in Digimon World 2 either got a vaccine, data or virus digimon. You can unlock many digivolved forms of other Digimon through one, which is a nice touch.

One thing noticeably different about the game that you’ll find is the new battle system compared to the last two. It’s a turn by turn based system; you’re not crawling around in a dungeon or wandering around File Island. You can use items, attack, tag another digimon, or digivolve when your turn comes around. You can even DNA digivolve some digimon and make others warp digivolve to their mega form, which is notably useful for bosses. The graphics for this game also take a different twist when compared to previous “Digimon World” games. They’re not 3D, but they are polished up nice, and look very sleek and smooth with the game, which is a vast improvement for the series, feeding into the RPG elements of the game.

The sound and music are also very suiting for the game. Catchy tunes, a different BGM for every area map, and very clear and nice sounding, except for the foot step patting you hear every time your character moves, but it’s bearable none the less. Overall, Digimon World 3 shouldn’t disappoint the average Digimon fan, or an RPG fan. With nice scenic maps spread out all over the screen, a fresh new story intact, 40+ Digimon to play as, DNA digivolving, and many side quests and even card game duels available, Digimon World 3 is a breath of fresh air for the Playstation, and will echo back to any fan.

Battle: 3/5
Music/Sound: 4/5
Story: 4/5
Difficulty: 3/5
Dialogue: 3/5
Overall: B+

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