D-3 Digivice version 1

Came in 3 colours: Blue, Red and Yellow
You can start with Veemon, Hawkmon, Gatomon, Armadillomon or Patamon. It had 3 stages with a rediculious amount of steps for each stage to complete. It had a couple of games. You had to beat mini digimon while walking through the stages and collect Digieggs for Armour Digivolution. You meet Wormmon while going through the game and he'll join you.Your main aim to defeat the 4 digigods and if you walk 120000 steps you get the last Digiegg of Miracles! and get to face the 4th digigod! (to get the steps you have to do the last world at least another twice!
This one wasn't the best Digivice game i've played 1/5

D-3 Digivice version 2
Came in Blue, Red, Yellow, Green. Purple (transparent)
You can start with Veemon, Hawkmon, Gatomon, Armadillomon, Patamon or Wormmon.
It had many more stages with smaller steps to walk. You again have to defeat enemies (I think Mummymon and Arukenimon appear) Malomyotismon is the end boss i think! Collect Digieggs again. It also had a couple of mini games.
This was a lot better than the first version 3/5

D-Power (UK version)
Came in Blue, Red and Green
You can start with Guilmon, Renamon or Terriermon.
This has many stages with smaller steps to walk, You have to defeat The Deva's and help save Calumon from Impmon and the Deva's. While playing you can find card shops that you can buy 4 types of cards. While battling the Digimon you can use these cards and you need to slash a card like the Tamers do. Everytime you save Calumon you get a Digivolve card. To use digivolve cards it requires D-Power (you can play the game to boost your D-Power and you have to walk 100 paces to get 1 D-power point (99 points available) When you defeat Antylamon you get Lopmon added to your team and same with Impmon. (That's where i've just got to)
This is better than the other 2 digivices 4/5

The D-Terminal is just like a Digimon Analyser it has 351 digimon programmed into with LCD animated pictures. You can play 2 games on it and match it up with the D-3 and D-Power to scan your digimon (NOTE: TAMERS DIGIMON NOT ON IT). You can also battle with the Digimon on your D-3 and D-Power.
This can be pretty handy to have to check on pre-tamers digimon. 4/5

By Mitzi:
Digimon:Rumble Arena: Win with Renamon Guilmon,and Terriermon to get Impmon,Win with Impmon to get Beelzemon.Win with all of season 2 Digimon to get Impaildramon Paladin mode. Win with all of season 1 Digimon to get Omnimon. Win with any digimon to get Reapermon. Start with Guilmon,and ALWAYS start with PyroSphere.At a point in your game, this will result in being able to fight Blackwargreymon. Beating him will allow you to use him after this game.

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