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London Comic Con

20th May 2015 - by Vande

avatar I will be London Comic Con on Friday 22nd May as Hikari Yagami (Kari Kamiya) Season 1 version. If you see me, don't be afraid to say hello!

Tri got a Release date and an unexepcted development...

6th May 2015 - by Vande

avatar 21st November 2015 is the Digimon Adventure Tri Release date. Apparently in 6 parts. So there was the unexpecte development. We all figured it was delayed at this point but dang at it being SIX MONTHS away.

The Chosen Children cast list is:
Natsuki Hanae as Taichi Yagami
Yoshimasa Hosoya as Yamato Ishida
Suzuko Mimori as Sora Takenouchi
Mutsumi Tamura as Koushiro Izumi
Hitomi Yoshida as Mimi Tachikawa
Junya Ikeda as Jou Kido
Junya Enoki as Takeru Takaishi
MAO as Hikari Yagami

The subbed video of the PV can be found:

And finally the With the Will news thread can be found:

News updates

3rd May 2015 - by Vande

avatar - The Xros/Fusion Episode list has been updated with the English episode names up to Episode 41.
- Digimon Adventure Tri is finally getting a PV. On May 4th, 5th, and 6th they will re-air all of Adventure on niconico in Japan. On Wed. 5/6 at roughly 22:45, after the marathon completes, we'll have major news about "tri."! The PV for Part 1, chosen children and cast info, medium info, schedule... and other surprises! The With the Will news thread can be found here - There are some new Digimon Adventure figures going to be release. The news thread can be found here - There is a Life-Sized Koromon plush to be released on the 30th May. The thread can be found here - On the 29th May, a new Diigmon OST Soundtrack will be released for Digimon Cyber Sleuth. The thread can be found here

Episodes and Drama CD

8th March 2015 - by Vande

avatar - Digimon Fusion Season 2 started to air today on Nicktoons. I've updated from Episode 30 to 38 with the dub episode names.
- The First Track from the Blu-Ray set drama CD has been translated. (Before the World Ends)
- Speaking of the Blu-Ray, With the Will have some nice HD scans of the Adventure box set found here
- There is to be a new Mobile Game called Soul Hunters
- There is also two new plush news. Agumon and Patamon.
- Also Digimon Fusion has been added to Netflix in the UK/Ireland. - The Digimon Clear Digvice is to be released in Japan. Special to the Bandai Store. News can be found here
- And finally, Digimon Cyber Sleuth has a one off chapter, which can be found here

XROS WARS (Young Hunters)