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Digimon Fusion Episodes 26 - 30 on CITV

23rd April 2014 - by Vande

avatar Digimon Fusion will air again on CITV from Monday 28th April. Episodes 26 will air on Monday, 27 on Tuesday (etc) until Episode 30 airs on Friday 2nd May. 7.45am and 1.20pm are the air times and they likey will be on the ITV Player like last time (I hope since i'm at work at those times of day).

If anyone is going to the London Comic Con at Excel - Wendee Lee (TK's dub voice actor to name just one role in Digimon) is going to be a guest. I will be there all three days. Friday I won't be cosplaying. Saturday I will be cosplaying as Vamdemon/Myotismon and Sunday due to be as Kiriha/Christopher from Digimon Xros/Fusion.

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27th Feb 2014 - by Vande

avatar Well it has been a while hasn't it? July 2012 was the last time I did anything with the site. I don't know how often I will update, if at all. But I should at least try to post news again. So here we go. Digimon Fusion has started to air on CITV in the UK. Currently at 7.15am and 12.55pm. If (like me) aint home at those times, then you can view it on ITV Player. Looks like they won't be up there forever, but at least it's legal.

We also have Digimon Fusion toys available in the UK. I found some at my Local Toys R Us and The Entertainer. The Entertainer have more on their site than Toys R Us. Reports confirm that Cardiff TRU and Sheffield TRU (my one) have toys in stock.

I usually manage to update my news faster on With The Will, who also update on a lot more, My Tumblr and My Twitter

I am looking for people to write Xros/Fusion Episode guides. So if you feel like helping, it would be great. The Digimon Xros Manga was Scanlated and can be found on Xros Raws. Also The Digimon Re:Digitize Encode manga raws can be found on Xros Raws.

XROS WARS (Young Hunters)