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A few site updates

19th Feb 2015 - by Vande

avatar So I've been very busy again today. I've got a few areas up to date:

- The Xros/Fusion Episode list has been updated with the English episode names and the Japanese title call pictures.
- The Young Hunters episode list has been completed.
- The Young Hunters Analyser has been completed with full screenshots and analyser comments.
- The Xros Manga list has been fully completed with all the chapter names and title call images.

It felt like there was a lot more. But most of the time was taken up doing the screenshots.

Yamato and Gabumon Tri V-Jump

17th Feb 2015 - by Vande

avatar Today V-Jump scans have surfaced of Yamato and Gabumon (link) also Cyber Sleuth scans can be found here

A lot of stuff happened

2nd Feb 2015 - by Vande

avatar So there has been a lot of Digimon news happened since the Odaiba Memorial notification of Digimon Tri (that was 6 months ago already!). Yeah I know I don't update a lot. But I have added a Digimon Tri Section (under Adventure 02). With links to what has been confirmed so far on With the Will news threads. I've also added the official poster that was released. It's a start right?

So what else was known? Well *note each one has a link to the releveant WtW news thread*:

- Digimon Fusion Seasn 2 was confirmed.

- A New Omegamon toy revealed in the NX Edge Style line.

- Digimon Movies (minus X-Evolution) and Adventure 01 on Bluray in Japan. | Adventure Bluray Cover Art) | Movie BD Scans by WtW

- New Digimon Adventure Figures, Plush Releases here and here These include Mini, Joe, Sora and Koushiro. Takeru and Hikari were due in January. That got changed fo February. Waiting for my order on those two coming!

- USA are getting the MetalGarurumon OD edition figure

- A new release of the Bandai Tag and Crests in Japan

- News on Cyber Sleauth (PS Vita Game in Japan) keeps on coming through.

- Wada Kouji's New Album It's titled re-fly. Hint of things to come for Tri? I do hope so!

I think that's everything! Keep checking With the Will for Digimon News. I am going to TRY and update the site when stuff comes out. Also if you're going to Kitacon in the UK in July/August. There is going to be a Digimon meet. I will be doing a Hikari (Season 1) cosplay.

Odaiba Memorial 2014

1st August 2014 - by Vande

avatar So today is the 15th Anniversary of the Adventure crew going to the Digital World! And we got some awesome news! There is Digimon Adventure blu-ray box set and a blu-ray of all the movies. More info can be found here

Now..for the BIG news a new Digimon series in 2015! All to do with Adventure! Taichi is back and is 17! More info can be found here. Excited? I know I am!

XROS WARS (Young Hunters)